How Understanding the Local Culture Can Help You Remain Secure When Travelling To Africa ?


News of relocating to Africa or the Middle East is always received with mixed reactions. After helping your company in the marketing department, production, or other capacities, the senior management believes you are the best to sell the brand in Africa.

Unlike with the current position and residence where you can rest knowing that the family is okay, Africa will be a new system altogether. In this post, we outline three ways that understanding the African culture can help you settle faster and stay safe.

The local people will easily identify with you 

The moment you land in the target country, many people identify you as a foreigner. At this point, you are at a great risk because the perception is diverse. From criminal gangs to terror networks, you become a center of interest.

However, by learning some local culture and associating with the local people, the community will easily consider you part of their own. This is the reason that you can travel to some very hostile areas and still get expatriates working as teachers, and aid workers without worrying they will be attacked.

People will appreciate what you do and consider you part of their own 

What you do will greatly endear you to the community and make them want to have more of the services. For example, company staff that offers medical services are rarely attacked even in hostile areas because everybody comes to seek their services.

Here, it is important to associate with the local communities to let them understand that you add value to their lives.

Learn the local language to be part of the common discussions 

Many travel risk management firms recommend that travelers try as much as possible to understand the local languages. This helps them to grasp what is being discussed and take action immediately. By communicating in the local language, you can interact more, get more details on what is happening and remain more alert to cite terror threats early enough.

For extra safety when traveling to Africa, it is important to undergo security training and ensure that a proper risk management plan provides for emergency response solutions when danger strikes.

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