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A specific mountain climate and the unique nature, little affected by human interference, is the main advantage of the Bieszczady Mountains. The amount of forests, unspoiled greenery and calm, as here there are the main reasons for which the accommodation in this area have been enjoying great success. By booking accommodation Bieszczady worth exploring a bit of this region. Because, after all, a valuable tourist, is the one who knows what the place chosen to leave.

1. Bieszczady Mountains on the Polish side of the stretch of the Użockiej in the East to the saddle to the West and All are part of the Eastern Carpathians. The highest peak is Tarnica height 1346 m above sea level

2. In 1973 he created here the Bieszczady National Park to protect and nurture the unique nature and the species living here. Initially included Tarnicę and Caryńską, but in the year 1989 Polonina was enlarged by other poloniny and the border with the Rabią Rock. The following parks were created in 1992 year-this San Valley landscape Park and Cieśniańsko-Wetlina landscape Park.

3. The characteristic feature of the region is the large number of forest areas occupied in some municipalities (eg Lutowiska or Cisna) account for over 80% of the area. Bieszczady forests are mainly fir, pine and alder gray.

4. In the Bieszczady there are about 230 species of animals. When booking a Bieszczady accommodation in this area we have a chance to come across a hike on a lynx or a wild boar. It is also home to deer, brown bears, wolves and artificially introduced to the bison and elk reserves. And the abundance of birds delights even savvy connoisseurs and ornithologists. The white eagle, the spotted eagle and the black stork live here. It is worth to book accommodation here, in order to observe their habits for a few days.

  • A. Where in the Bieszczady in summer?

Are you wondering where to spend your summer vacation? Welcome to the Bieszczady Mountains! There are rumors that there is nothing here, but it is not true. There are no big supermarkets, cinemas, nightclubs, etc. But do you really need this during your vacation? Is not it better to rent a house in the Bieszczady Mountains, calm down, see the beauty of nature and indulge in blissful relaxation? There is no way to name a few words, but we will describe some places where you should stop.

Wetlina, Cisna

It is the place that most strongly associate with mountain tourism in this area. Wetlina is a great base for popular trails, among others. Smerek, Tarnica, Wetlinska and Caryńska. Contrary to appearances in summer, many people rent a cottage in the Bieszczady Mountains in Wetlina, so it can be a bit crowded. Cisna is another village lying near the mountain trails. Hence, you will get comfortable eg Łopiennik, Okrąglik or High Section. As in Wetlina, there is a large accommodation in Cisna. You will also find shops and stalls with souvenirs or cheeses. Image result for Wetlina, Cisna


This is a place different from the previous one. It is away from the mountain trails, but it lies directly on the Solińskie Lake. They rent cottages in the Bieszczady Mountains for lovers of sunbathing, sailing or fishing. Remember, however, that this is a well-known holiday resort, so you will not find peace here. There are shops, bars and entertainment for tourists of all ages.


Located just like Solina, on the Solińskie Lake. It is also a summer resort with all the attractions. In addition, you will find here many holiday resorts, sanatoria, campsites and water harbor.

Will Matias

A village located near the Polanczyk. It has the advantage that you will find here silence away from the hustle and bustle of Polanczyk, but its attractions are very close. If the cottages in Bieszczady are right here, eg in “Matiaszówka” resort, in comfortable wooden houses. There are also a number of facilities and attractions available to guests, such as a lake with a slide and a jetty.

  • B. Solińskie Lake awaits sailors

In the place where Solinka falls into the San River, there is Solińskie Lake, the largest barrier lake in Poland and a paradise for sailors. The lake has an irregular shoreline, full of bays and coves, where you can stay overnight or just for a stop. However, before you visit the Bieszczady, to swim here, a little guide will be useful.

A word about Solinski Lake

It is a barrier lake whose main purpose is to protect the flood and to produce electricity. The consequence is frequent and rapid changes in water level, no rushes and interesting mosquitoes. There is silence in the water, so traditional sailing remains. The tank has a depth of up to 52m so you can be calm even with a keel yacht or a sword. The waves are small here and strong winds are sporadic, but the surroundings of the hills make them change direction and strength, they just “spin.” This lake in the Bieszczady Mountains is also known for typical mountain storms, which exceed 7 ° B. If you go for such a few days break in the weather, one of the 200 coves here will be an anchorage, and for the crew of the accommodation, which is full around the lake. Image result for A word about Solinski Lake

Sailing and infrastructure

There are over 20, the largest in Solina, Polańczyk and the Military Holiday Center on the Jawor mountain. There you can rent a yacht or launch your own. In other smaller marinas you can moor to go to the shore for shopping, get rid of impurities or use electricity. Nearby you will also find convenient accommodation if needed. The least developed part of the reservoir is the San River Valley, but the view of the Rocky Island or the Gulf of Sunken Forest is sure to compensate for it.

  • C. Picturesque Polanczyk and its attractions

On the left bank of Lake Solina lies the Polańczyk resort, a popular holiday resort. If you are not looking for total isolation from the world and civilization, but rather access to many attractions, Polanski is definitely the right place. Here accommodation Bieszczady offer in various options and prices.

Polańczyk is also a well known spa destination, where healing of respiratory and urinary tract diseases. The status of the spa was given to the town in 1999. The therapists come here for organized vacations, but you can also find a cottage in the Bieszczady Mountains to rent and buy individual treatments.


Of course, the biggest attraction of Polanczyk is Solińskie Lake. You will find sailing harbors, campsites, swimming pools and a large number of resorts. You can rent kayak, water bike or yacht, or just swim and sunbathe.

Lake Solińskie is also an opportunity to cheer sailors during the regatta. This is usually the Solina Cup competition, but one of them is included in the Polish Cup. It is worth tempting to rent a house in Bieszczady for rent, because the regatta is accompanied by many concerts and other interesting events that often take place in Polanczyk until late at night.

Lovers of monuments who book their Bieszczady accommodation can visit the stone chapel of the 19th century located by the lake, the cemetery with the chapel of the Cieszyn family, and the former church which was an orthodox church and the icon of the Mother of God from Łopienka.

Comfortable overnight in the vicinity of Solina Lake

Lake Solińskie and its surroundings are a great place to spend a summer holiday, a canine or even a simple weekend. There is no way to get bored here, because the lake itself has a lot to offer, and for this to add interesting walking and cycling routes and monuments. But where to find a comfortable accommodation that will be in a convenient location? It is not difficult, because when you come to Bieszczady, you can rent bungalows everywhere, in any bigger or smaller towns.

  • D. A few suggestions in the vicinity of Solina Lake:

Solina – Small, but lively, spot. In summer there is a buzz here, filled with local shops, restaurants and a swimming pool. Numerous pubs, promenade by the lake, boat cruises “White Fleet”, swimming and sunbathing. In a word, everything you need on vacation. It also has extensive accommodation facilities, accommodation, resorts, cottages Bieszczady.

Polanczyk – Village on the left bank of the lake. Like Solina, this is a typical holiday resort. You will find here swimming pools with equipment rentals, sailing harbor, spas, numerous pubs and shops. And above all, a large offer of accommodation, from the usual rooms to comfortable, inviting in the Bieszczady cottages.

Will Matias – This is a proposal for those who count on calm and complete reset. The village is located in a short distance to the Polańczyk, allowing you to enjoy its attractions whenever you want. And when we want silence we go back to Matiasha’s Will. This village also has a good offer of accommodation, for example, at the “Matiaszówka” resort are waiting for you wooden, comfortable cottages Bieszczady. The resort has several attractions for its guests, including a private lake with jetty and water slide

  • E – “Bieszczady Sea” invites you

Lake Solińskie is called “Bieszczady Sea”. Why? Because it is the largest water body in the Bieszczady and the largest reservoir in Poland, it has an area of ​​about 21 km 2. Besides, it is a place to which many sailors are drawn. In addition, as well as at the seaside, we have holiday resorts, Solina and Polańczyk. And how is it? What can you do here? Is it worth to rent a house in Bieszczady near the reservoir? Encouraging to visit this area.

Image result for "Bieszczady Sea" invites you


It is worth to rent a house in the Bieszczady Mountains for a few days to find yourself in the Solina area. The lake is picturesquely situated between Bieszczady hills, with irregular coastline, full of charming coves and bays. The dam was built in the 1960s and since then the floodplain has been a flood and flood hazard. This results in frequent and rapid changes in water level. At the edges there are no rushes, which is enjoyed by sailors, and there is no mosquitoes here, which is pleasing to all tourists.

What can you do here?

It is worth renting cottages in the Bieszczady Mountains, in the lake area. There are many attractions for tourists, everyone will find something for themselves, independent of their preferences. Marinas and infrastructure and sailing hours await sailors. Anglers are waiting for the anglers, rental boats and squadrons, zander, catfish, carps, bolts and other fish. Active walks, bike trails, kayak rentals and water bikes are available. And for tourists who want peace and quiet are waiting cottages in the Bieszczady Mountains, hidden in the greenery.

  • F – A trail of Solin attractions

The area of ​​Solina attracts its beauty tourists throughout the year. Of course, most tourists reserve a cottage in the Bieszczady Mountains for rent because of Solińskie Lake, which is the main attraction here. But do not end there interesting places to visit.

Guide to Solina Attractions:

Soviet bunkers in Bóbrka – this is part of the route of the fortification that is part of the Molotov Line. Remains after World War II are always interesting objects.

Cliff in the San inlet – An interesting natural site located in the village of Myczkowce. A vertical rocky cliff, several hundred meters long, overgrown with a specific vegetation makes an unforgettable impression.

Park of miniature temples in Myczkowce – This is another reason to book Bieszczady accommodation here. 140 models at 1:25 scale are waiting for tourists at the Center for Ecumenical Culture.

Salt bar – It has a length of 664 m and a height of 82 m. For the sight of this colossus it is worth booking a cottage in Bieszczady for rent. Interestingly, it is not a closed property, you can visit both the dam and the power plant.

Orthodox churches – For sacred art lovers who have booked Bieszczady accommodation, two interesting Orthodox churches await in this area. It is the Orthodox Church. Paraskewy in Górzne and św. Nicholas in Bereznica Wyżna.

Ruins of the Ball Court in Berezka – You will find them on the road from Polanczyk to Hoczewie.

Solinska walking trails

The surroundings of Solina Lake are not a favorite place for hikers with hiking trails. This area is away from the known mountain ranges and połonin. However, the Bieszczady Mountains have to offer attractions for everyone, not only for mountain jeeps. So if you like hiking, which are not necessarily for mountain trails, then book accommodation in the area of ​​Solina, we have something interesting for you.

  • G – Pedestrian trails in the area of ​​Solina Lake

Zwierzyń-Myczków, green trail. The route is not long, but full of minor attractions. It is a charming, intimate chapel, a spring in Zwierzyń with healing power, a former church (today’s church), liturgical relics of Lima, a viewpoint on San arch, a lava dam and other views. On this tour you have the chance to observe unnatural nature. Undoubted advantage of the trail is the lack of difficult approaches and the small population. You are booking accommodation near Solina and you will be familiar with the beautiful, beautiful Bieszczady Mountains.

Terka-Studenne. Labeled green. Walk this trail back and forth for about 2 hours, unless you decide to go further, to Zatwarnica. In the old Studenne village you can see the old cemetery and remains of the church. You can also bounce and cross Żołobina, Bukowina and Sivarna to the next Jaworzec-Smerek route. The latter is already a black trail.

  • H – “Matiaszówka” love guests of all ages

Near the Polańczyk, in the village of Wola Matiaszowa, is waiting for you “Matiaszówka” resort and comfortable wooden houses. The location itself is attractive. The resort is located in a secluded spot, amidst lush greenery, away from the hustle and bustle, but close enough to go to Polanczyk at all times. In addition, when reserving these Bieszczady cottages, the beautiful Solińskie Lake is within reach of our own legs. But that does not end there.

“Matiaszówka” is first of all the comfort of accommodation and attractions for guests. The resort offers 10 high standard wooden houses. When planning a trip to Bieszczady, cottages in “Matiaszówka” can be booked at any time of the year, because 8 of them are year-round homes, heated by a fireplace. The cottages are fully equipped.

In “Matiaszówka” they care about guests. There is free parking, free WiFi internet access and year-round satellite TV. The equipment is of high quality, so after hiking in the Bieszczady Mountains the bungalows provide full relaxation.

There are also attractions for guests of all ages. There is a private lake with clear water, a jetty and a slide. Children’s playgrounds are available for the youngest guests, and active visitors can enjoy the sports zone. Thanks to this center and the cottages of the Bieszczady you will mention with a smile.

  • I – Fishing on Solinski Lake

Bieszczady Lake Solińskie is one of the favorite places for anglers. The beauty of nature, the microclimate, the abundance of fish and the class of purity of water, all make fishing here a pure pleasure. There are many leisure centers around the lake, extensive infrastructure, boat rentals. We pack equipment, reserve a house in the Bieszczady Mountains and move on to big fishing.

Image result for Fishing on Solinski Lake

What is waiting for anglers?

Fishing is available round the clock, both from the shore and from the boat. Restrictions are only limits and periods of protection. You can try your hand at spinning, float or ground. Fishing is practically everywhere, but there are some particularly interesting places nearby to rent cottages in the Bieszczady Mountains:

Wolkowyja and its surroundings. There is shallow water, a lot of anglers, but also a good chance of good results.

Zawoz. It is opposite Wolkowyja. A lot of tourists, but the anglers notice good predators, big carp and roach.

Great place for spinning from boat to predator.

Chrewt, Rajskie, Olchowiec. These three places are worth to rent here in the Bieszczady Mountains. Difficult to reach, but beautiful views and a whole lot of big fish.

And most importantly. What kind of fish is waiting in Solinski Lake for anglers? There are mainly zander, perch, pike, trout, carp, bream, chub, stick, trout. It is only possible to book bungalows in the Bieszczady Mountains near this reservoir and come to great fishing.

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