Web Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting – How to Decide for the Best Hosting Solution


Web hosting is a service that provides space on the internet to be viewed by Internet users. The web host is responsible for providing a space to the server so computers and devices around the world can gain access to your website.

Cloud server hosting provides hosting for different websites on virtual private servers to pull the computing resources that are available from the underlying networks of the web servers. This is often used as an alternative for dedicated servers which is run by a single server.

These two things in common but they have big differences when it comes to performance and capabilities. They are both web hosting provider that use servers and are the necessity of websites. To help you decide what is best to use, you can check out on their features and differences.

  • Security

In web hosting, your site’s security is based on applications and databases which are more vulnerable to threats like hacking or spamming. Since the security level is prevalent, it is advisable to use a reliable antivirus and strong password for your computer.

Cloud hosting has a security management dealing with a deterrent, preventative, detective, and corrective controls. In case problems occur on the hardware, your website is then migrated to a reliable and stable server.

Whenever cloud hosting encounter security issues like an illegal invasion, network eavesdropping, or cloud service abuse, the service will clamp down on data integrity, access control, and data confidentiality. It has also encrypted algorithms to continuously protect the data and the site’s privacy.

  • Speed

Speed is very important for users while they access your website. When a website gets a traffic, all other websites are affected by slow speeds resulting to slow loading times using a web hosting.

For servers run by cloud hosting, it has available resources to keep your website run at an excellent speed. If a hardware encounters issues, the website does not get stuck in a nonfunctional server.

  • Performance

Although web hosting has SSD servers and is custom servers, its resources become a limiting factor that controls the speed to perform in high capacity. Therefore, your website may encounter constant outages and downtimes.

With cloud hosting, expect an auto scalable, customizable, and ultra-fast platform because it has lots of resources. Therefore, it is more recommendable for sites getting the most traffic.

Web hosting has a cheaper price compared to cloud hosting. Web hosting allows a monthly basis payment or you may opt for a lock down period from one to three years. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, you need to track your apps to make sure you do not pay what you did not use.

Businesses should have a website that performs in high capacity no matter they need to invest at a more expensive rate. With optimum security, speed and performance, cloud hosting is recommendable for you to use to make sure that your website is performing well.

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