Small Businesses in Dubai Share their Favorite Accounting Software

Accounting software programs are the bringing efficiency and greater opportunities of growth to small sized businesses. The increased awareness of the usage and potentially positive outcome of such programs is adding to its popularity. Dependency of the typical “pen and paper” approach is a thing of the past and is quickly becoming obsolete.

With over 57% of small businesses operating in the trading sector in Dubai, the demand for efficient accounting solutions is growing steadily. Why? The answer is “need”. No matter the size of a business, software solutions for various management aspects are always preferred. Obviously, due to the key benefits they account for such as faster operations, easy management, low costs, etc. Just because a business is relatively small in size does not mean you won’t need help from technology-based programs.

As we dig deeper into Dubai’s growing market for software providers, several significant trends have emerged which point towards commonly used small business accounting software brands. A few owners provided insight on their favorite accounting software modules, why they prefer it and what made them choose it for their business.

  1. VCA Finance

“I thought VCA would only cover my basic business accounting needs. But the solution went beyond expectations. I was able to visually see transactions occurring in real-time, I could drill down to even the minutest level and understand costs associated with a single task, the outcome was brilliant.”

VCA Finance is quickly gaining attention from businesses in the UAE, Dubai particularly. This accounting and finance solution was created by Cordis Technology, a fast-growing software provider. Unlike other accounting programs in the market, VCA Finance takes a new approach towards automation of financial processes. The program covers entire accounting processes in businesses, end-to-end. So, whether a customer confirms a payment online, or a supplier sends an invoice or bill, VCA manages, archives transactions according to the nature or context of the transaction, manages client/customer profiles and notifies staff for current or ongoing task completion requirements.

The solution mainly aims to remove the need for manual input and management of databases. The system, connected to a main framework, integrates financial operations and tasks to serve as a single controller. Each transaction is automated and executed by the program itself. What more can a business ask for? Having entire financial streams, tasks and transactions managed without manual input, something everyone is demanding nowadays.

VCA Finance also breaks all notions when it comes to affordability. Many would assume It’s expensive, hard to implement, etc. But not all service providers strive for making bucks at the expense of others. VCA charges a simple user-based fee, at a lower price than competitors. So no matter you budget or the size of your business, this solution is bound to leave you stunned with its lower-than-market pricing strategy. You can contact them for more information and even get a free consultation at:


  1. Zoho Books

“Zoho Books was a major contribution to my business. I mainly deal with retail and supplies across the UAE. Before I had Zoho, my accounts were all over the place, filled with discrepancies, delays and other inaccuracies. Manual just wasn’t working out well for me so I opted for Zoho as it gave me a free trial version. So far so good, can’t complain about its usability and friendly-interface. However, I would definitely like to see more in this program, so looking forward to some major updates in the near future.”


Zoho Books is another popular accounting software used by small businesses across the UAE. This program provides a wide range of accounting features which basically take care of bookkeeping, ledger accounts, cashflow statements etc. The program has been rated among easy-to-use software programs, mainly suitable for small businesses. However, what gives Zoho Books an edge over others is it’s free-trial option. For those not willing to spend on a program without thoroughly experiencing it, Zoho Books just may be the perfect option. But mind you, it is simplistic in nature and may not come with advanced tools and options such as VCA Finance, you will still be spending time on manually inputting data on a daily basis. However, you got your basics covered with Zoho. You can easily manage payrolls, billing and invoices and make use of graphs and other visual displays. You can check out this solution at:


  1. Sage 50

“Sage proved to be a valuable addition to our business. The program streamlined all of our accounting processes and tasks, relieving my staff of unnecessary burden. With fast growing demand for our business, Sage has managed to tackle many unexpected process requirements, accounting tasks and even payroll. However, the program does need technical help from time to time, especially in the event of a new update or glitch.”

Sage 50 is no new name in the industry. It has been under major developments and is one of the leading accounting solutions in the region. The program offers a many advanced accounting management features which are needed mostly by small to medium sized enterprises. The core aim of Sage 50 was to develop a platform which allows users to manage day-to-day accounting tasks such as invoice management, payroll management, accounts and transaction updates, billing and more. Another important point to mention here is that the program comes in various versions such as pro, premium and introductory. Each covers the basic accounting needs of a business, but may vary when it comes to complex accounting procedures and features. Businesses must keep in mind their needs and budget when choosing Sage 50. Alongside the benefits of using Sage, it can be hassle installing the program. So, make sure you carefully assess all your requirements. You can get more detailed information here:


  1. FreshBooks


“FreshBooks changed the face of our business. We were once all over the place, losing customers due to our slow and tedious billing system, often filled with inaccuracies. Even though I doubled my staff, the problems wouldn’t go away. But FreshBooks seemed to minimize all problems related to finance and accounting. The program came as a relief for my staff and helped streamline processes.”


Sounds familiar? FreshBooks is similar to Zoho Books and is popular among small firms, known to be used by over 5 million businesses worldwide. The program has been designed to give businesses necessary tools to handle financial tasks. Some of the main reasons why businesses opt for FreshBooks is because it is fast and reliable. FreshBooks streamlines main tasks such as invoicing, billing, sales cycle management, cashflow management, etc. The vast array of features embedded in the system allow for accuracy, better control and increased transparency. However, with newer versions constantly being brought in, users must update regularly to avoid and technical malfunctions.


Alongside these top three favorite accounting software in Dubai, there are many more that fall within the list. However, the best of the best makes it to the top. In today’s extremely volatile industry, every decision to implement a program for automation and management must be carefully analyzed and assessed. If you are a small business owner here in Dubai, you may need to get some help from the experts to find an accounting program that fits your business like a glove. After all, you would want a technology that is your friend rather than roadblock. So, take a look at these major software providers, get in touch with them and choose wisely.

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