Improve Web Design and UX with Tactile Details

E-commerce competitors are on a daily war with each other for web supremacy. So it is no surprise that online businesses will find ways and means to gain an advantage over their competition.

Web design is one area where an online business can gain an advantage. With a recent resurgence of incorporating tactile details in modern flat design web pages, the user comes out to be the real winner in terms of experience.

Tactile details provide a more enticing platform to convey important messages or calls to action to web users. From textured graphics to haptic feedbacks, these tactile details serve to charm the audience by improving interactive and overall user experience.

Let us see how user experience is improved by using tactile details.

Adding a bit of texture

Putting texture into some of the site’s components like the background, fonts, and even on some graphics does wonders in grabbing the user’s attention. Establish a strong connection with your target audience by using tactile details to provide visual interest, perceived value, and even emotional bonds.

This will easily make your website standout in the user’s eyes. Visual cues are also more impressive and easily found when texture is added to them.

Consider an online paint seller for example. Normally, colour samples are presented as flat squares that show the options available. Now, if we take those same colour squares and present them like they were paint splashes or brushed samples, then they come alive and become more interesting to the target audience.

This adds value to the site and makes it more unforgettable and wanted from the user’s point of view.

Haptic feedback in web design

Use haptic feedbacks to serve as navigational assistants. Tactile details are ways to communicate to users by means other than visuals. Haptic feedbacks, for example, are tactile details that empower the sense of touch to steer users toward a desired action or direction within a site.

Mobile users, for example, benefit from this by affirming the success of a call to action by giving out vibration signals. This gives a better overall UX because it provides a more positive feedback to the user about the success of his transaction.

Pop-up hero messages

Make hero messages pop out by using tactile details. Using texture in backgrounds, typography, and realistic artworks all make a difference in making hero messages standout.

Just think about what a texture rich and three-dimensional graphic button can do to significantly improve its visibility. It not only communicates its purpose faster, but it also conveys the hard work put in by a company or brand to provide a better UX. Ultimately, this perception is carried to the company’s ethics when it comes to products they produce.

Summing up

By incorporating the above mentioned ways in order to improve UX for your website, not only will your Luxury web design entice consumers and your audience to stay a bit longer but also ultimately lead them to purchase, which is the end goal of this business venture. So go ahead and try out different ways to capture your audience.


Marc Mazure is head of a team of highly skilled online marketers, web designers and developers at MLA web design London. Executing the highest standards in design, development & e-commerce solutions that are tailored to consumers’ needs. With years of experience in online marketing & web design, Marc offers a multitude of services with the very highest standards and principles.

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