Importance of lot traceability in a manufacturing ERP system

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Everyone who works in a manufacturing industry knows how important lot tractability element is. For a manufacturing company, it is even difficult to imagine rejections of a product that is being shipped for years has been returned due to its poor quality. A manufacturing company must have an effective lot tractability system for a quick assessment of rejected product when the inspecting authorities pressuring the company for a successful recall quickly.

It is better to understand what is lot traceability one must also know the of it.  Lot traceability is also known in other different names such as lot tracking, lot control or manufacturing traceability. This module in eresource ERP system allow the manufacturing company to know which supplier lots were used in which finished products, and who received those finished products. Lot traceability module in the ERP system, the company could track problem goods from the customer, all the way back to the supplier who sent the raw materials, and all the stages in between.

Function in the lot tractability module in eresource ERP system starts with purchasing of raw materials. The system through the lot tractability module records when when the raw materials are purchased and received.   Vendor lot number of the material purchased will be recorded in the system. This recorded information can take many forms such as a vendor supplied advance shipping notice (EDI ASN), bar coded labels or packing slips.   In other circumstances also when agreements are made between the company and vendor to supply company defined labeling for serialized control that can be sent to the ERP system. This method eliminates the cost and accuracy issues of relabeling while converting foreign vendor labels to ERP native serialized labels.

Business rules for manual receipts include being able to set up mandatory lot number entry before the transaction is allowed to go through.

It is also important to use an inventory control system to keep the material container lot numbers separated from each other. In the resource Xcel, an exclusive manufacturing ERP system, this separation has been integrated in the system and which makes the operations much easier for the user.

Our system also take care of generating and assigning manufacturing lot number to the products being produced in real time. All levels of products including sub assemblies will be assigned lot numbers during production.  In fact the generation of a new manufacturing lot number occurs when an event takes place. Events are things like starting a new raw material lot number, machine restarts or even operator changes. As a rule, the more often manufacturing lot numbers are changed the more granular the lot traceability will be making it easier to pinpoint critical information.

There are other information that a manufacturing need to know about lot tractability and its advantages. Please call us today or write to us for more information on Lot manufacturing ERP and a LIVE DEMO.

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