How to Get Rid of Washing Machine Odour


Electrical appliances look clean but the truth is not what you see. Has it ever happened with you that even after cleaning the appliances regularly, there is an unusual smell from the appliance? This usually happens with washing machines, refrigerators or sometimes air conditioners as well. Don’t you feel a smelling washing machine can be a negative sign for your clothes? Likewise, unrecognised smell from your air conditioner or refrigerator might affect your health adversely. In this blog, we would particularly discuss about handling the odour issues in your washing machine. Read on to know how you can deal with different situations.

No matter it is top load or front load, you definitely want your clothes clean and fresh while washing them. If your washing machine smells, it will have the same effect on your clothes. We have listed some reasons why your washer smells and some tips to handle them:

Wet clothes: You might find this funny but if you leave wet clothes in the washing machine, it’s an invitation to mold and mildew. You should make sure the clothes are taken out as soon as washed. For when justify for long, it starts smelling and needs to be rewashed. To get away with the odour, use vinegar or safe bleach with your regular detergent. It takes care of both clothes and washing machine.

Detergent: Are you wondering what does odour in the washer has to do with your detergent? It has been proved that the detergent you use can also cause washer odour. How? The low-efficiency detergents who buy with a cost-saving purpose is turning out to be a mayhem for your appliance. Better use high-efficiency detergents keeps everything fresh (clothes and washer) and helps in smooth running of the appliance.

Mold and mildew: When you avoid caring for your electrical appliances, it son leaves you in disappointment. Do you always empty out the water completely after use? How often do you clean the gaskets and drum? If you have been ignoring this since long by now, it’s time you call your appliance repairs service near your area. Mold and mildew can be formed around the gasket around the lid or door of your washing machine. If not there, look in the drums. To avoid mildew or molds in your washer, keep it open between loads and wipe down the drum and gasket.

 Clean: You should always keep your washer clean. Maintain a habit of cleaning the washing machine regularly to keep it fresh and tidy. It would help keeping your clothes fresh. Doing this on a monthly basis will be sufficient for the freshness on expects. Get a cleaning product from the market or your service provider to make sure you do it in the right way. If not, just add 2 cups of vinegar with hot water and press the “clean” button on your machine. Remember not to put clothes in the machine while cleaning.

These simple steps to maintain smooth working of your washing machine will prove helpful in the long term. In a situation more complicated than the cleaning issues, contact your washing machine service provider in ……..

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