Electric vs Ethanol Luxury Fireplaces: Which Should You Choose?

Other than wood-burning and gas units, there are other alternatives being offered in the market today, this being electric and ethanol luxury fireplaces. Both of these units do not require any venting or a flue.

This allows homeowners who live in apartments and condominiums to own their very own fireplace since installation is hassle-free. The only challenge is choosing which fireplace type you should acquire and be installed in your own home.

Luckily, we’ve done the legwork and compared below the pros and cons of these fireplace types, to ultimately help you make a sound decision.

Electric Fireplaces

Widely regarded as the fireplace that you simply had to plug in an electric socket, electric luxury fireplaces creates a simple flame effect while producing enough heat to warm up the space.


  • Easy installation
  • Inexpensive operation
  • Adjustable heat
  • Doesn’t require any fuel or lighter
  • Doesn’t produce any smoke and doesn’t leave behind ash
  • There isn’t any real flame


The points to consider here is that an electric fireplace is safe, and it is easy to use. You simply had to turn it on. The risk of accidental fire is at an absolute minimum since there are no real flames.


  • It will not give off the nostalgic feeling of a real flame
  • Requires electricity to function


One of the biggest drawback of an electric fireplace is its lack of authentic flames. In fact, there are homeowners who discard their units for lack of that “real” fire feeling. To avoid this, it’s best to experience first-hand how an electric unit feels like prior to acquiring one for yourself just so you will not be wasting money on a unit that you will eventually discard.

Ethanol Fireplaces

Fuelled by bioethanol, an ethanol fireplace does not require a vent or a flue. Additionally, it produces enough heat and instantly adds a vibrant ambiance to any room.


  • Produces a good amount of authentic flames
  • Ventless, thus there are no smoke, soot or ash
  • Does not require any electricity to operate
  • No harmful particles or dangerous fumes

Authentic flames and the good amount of heat it produces are the real advantages of owning an ethanol fireplace.


  • Requires and consumes a little oxygen, so room must be well ventilated
  • Costs more to operate compared with electric units
  • It can’t burn without having to produce heat

The disadvantage of this unit is pretty straightforward. Bioethanol fuel is still a bit pricey in the market today, and if you use the unit often, you will have to purchase more. Also, in liquid form, this fuel is highly flammable. So proper and safe storage is highly required.


Hopefully, the above comparison of both luxury fireplaces could assist you in making that final decision. If you really are not bothered if they are real flames, then opt for electric fireplaces. However, if you would prefer seeing authentic flames flickering in front of you and still have an environmentally friendly unit, opt for an ethanol fireplace.


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