Companies Providing MSSP Outsourcing Services


The rising complexity of cyber-attacks has made it vital to implement advanced and complex security strategies. MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) can develop such a scheme of weaponry in order to offer a solution to the individual security needs of the business.

Companies which offer MSSP outsourcing service provides the secure as well as a protected environment for the critical assets for the business. In addition, they mitigate the threats, which can impact the business’s security both today & tomorrow. Here we listed the 10 best companies which offering MSSP outsourcing services.

1. Hack2Secure:
Hack2Secure have been offering the security programs that are vital for the organization in this risk evolving environment. Their security program offers a framework for maintaining enterprise at the appropriate security level. Their service includes assessing the security risk, measuring their impact on the business and operations, developing mitigation methods and offering plans to maintain them updated. Their main purpose is to guarantee the business continuity and minimize or handle security risk by preventing security incidents from happening. Organizations of any size can reach the hack2secure for secure design, secure testing, consulting services, risk assessments, and security training.

2. ISHIR Secure:
ISHIR managed security service provider offering outsourced services in terms of cyber security to enterprise companies. They have been an innovator and a leader in offering MSSP services to businesses. Their customizable and flexible solution facilitates the enterprises to get access to certified security experts who can handle all sorts of cyber threats.

3. Atos:
Atos, as an MSSP offers continuous protection against cyber-attacks in this ever-changing world. They provide a complete spectrum of security services across the world. Their detection, remediation and prevention services create a highly resilient security practices against advanced persistent threats. Their security services include threat management services, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and security audit.

4. CGI:
CGI possess a history of offering MSSP to a major client in industry and government. The IT security test, as well as evaluation facility of the CGI, is one among the world’s leading laboratories authorized to assess and certify security solutions and products.

5. DXE Technology:
The MSSP outsourcing service of the DXE technology support quickens the journey to a digital organization. Through their digital transformation practices, they bring industry-standard talent with an extensiveness of expertise to confidently guide the company from security strategy to implementation.

6. IBM:
The smart and responsive MSSP services on the IBM meet the demands raised by evolving threat landscape. They offer industry leading technology, tools and expertise to support secure the information assets across the security world.

7. SecureWorks:
SecureWorks offers MSSP outsourcing services to close the loop of technology, processes, and people. It is possible to enjoy the security support from their operation center 24/7. They deliver more advanced data analytics as well as security insights through the CTP (Counter Threat Platform). The scope of their security service includes endpoints, network coverage, vulnerability management, monitoring & analysis.

8. TCS:
The Cyber Security managed service of the TCS implement, maintain, supervise and improve the cyber security posture of the enterprise. With their proven methodologies and experience, they support enterprises in managed IAM operation, identity, and access management, vulnerability management governance, enterprise vulnerability management, controls testing services and much more.

9. Unisys:
Unisys offers a robust business-led practice in a various distinct perspective on ways to incorporate security into the enterprise growth. Their specific strengths in security services include mission & purpose beyond protection, talent acquisition, innovation & advanced security analytics and vertical industry focus.

10. Fortinet Solution:
The best-in-breed and adaptive managed security services of the Fortinet fit any security requirement or any environment, including small & medium businesses, data center, enterprise & service provider networks. Their staffs are experienced in product development, MSSP operations, and training to handle the industry-leading partner program. They also design their technologies to help multi-tenancy, platform flexibility, centralized management and high-performance networks.

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