Best MIS-Advanced EXCEL Classes In Delhi NCR

MIS-Advanced EXCEL

Best MIS-Advanced EXCEL Classes In Delhi NCR

The MIS-Advanced EXCEL is an idea for collecting information’s from the internal and external source and processing this information for the purpose of facilitating the process of decision-making of the business.

As we all know that MIS is not new, only the computerization is new, The computer has added on more valuable dimensions of data that permit the alternatives in the decision-making process.

The scope and purpose of MIS is better understood if each part of them is defined individually, thus

  1. MANAGEMENT: Company Management has been defining in a process that describes what managers do in the operation for their organization plan, initiates organize and control operations. MIS-Advanced EXCEL person may plan by setting goals, strategy plan and selecting the best of action to achieve the goals.

The best part of decision-making is a prerequisite of the foregoing process, the job of MIS executive is facilitating decisions necessary for the plan , implement and analyze the work of the business so that specified goals of the business are achieved.


  1. INFORMATION: It is the data that are facts and figures and not currently being used in the decision-making process.Information consists of data that have been processed and retrieved as per requirement. Information is the main source and life blood of an organization, particularly in the scenario of system approach management. The MIS-Advanced EXCEL can be defined as the knowledge communicated by others.


  1. SYSTEM: System is a set of elements or entity joined together for a common objective. All main systems having their own subsystems i.e. Divisions, departments, functions, unit etc are the subsystem.

The MIS has more than one definition, some of which are given below:

  1. The MIS is defined as a system which provides the support and information for decision-making in the organization.
  2. The MIS is also defined as a computer based information system that provides speedy access to accurate data.

Thus, MIS is a set of a computer based system to help managers in their routine job of decision-making and planning, expansion and core development.

The objective of MIS is to provide information for a decision support. It should help in such a way that the business goals are achieved in the most efficient manner with productivity.


The actual MIS process relates to:

  1. Collection
  2. Organization
  3. Distribution
  4. Wide information Storage
  5. Analysis of data managerial control

Hence MIS focuses on:

  1. Organization wide information
  2. Decision-making process

iii.            Analysis

  1. Computer-based system


The role of the MIS executive or analyst in an organization can be compared to the role of our heart in the body. The provided information is the blood and MIS are the heart. In the body the role of heart supplying pure blood to all the parts of the body including our brain. As we know the heart work faster and supplies more blood when really needed. It controls the incoming impure blood, processed and sends it to the destination wherever needed It fulfills the requirement of blood supply to the human body in crisis also in a normal routine.

The MIS-Advanced EXCEL plays exactly the same role in the organization as we explain above. The MIS system ensures that an appropriate and accurate data is collected from the number of sources, processed it and send further to all the needy destinations.Here are some of the important roles of the MIS:

  1. The MIS helps in the planning of strategy, management and operational control and transaction processing.
  2. The MIS helps the junior executive by providing the accurate operational data for planning, scheduling, and control.
  • The MIS helps the middle-level management in short term planning, setting a target and controlling the business goals and functionalities.
  1. The MIS helps even the top level management in goal setting, strategic planning and business plans and their implementation.



MIS plays a very important role in the organization; it creates an impact on the organization’s core functions, improves their performance and productivity.

The MIS creates another powerful impact in the organization which relates to the understanding of the business itself. The MIS begins with the core definition of data, entity and its attributes.


No doubt It goes without saying that all managerial functions are performed through decision-making. MIS has assumed all the more important role in today’s environment. Read More


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