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PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server side scripting language mostly used to create dynamic web applications. PHP is the most powerful, robust, reliable, famous, and simple programming language which follow all dynamic programming language that can help you to achieve best results in minimum efforts. There are many companies their brand website using PHP programming language and this PHP platform makes their business more successful. Facebook is also scripted using PHP programming now more 1000 million users using Facebook in their daily life. It is the best example for the success of PHP platform.
Why people use PHP programming language for website building and web application development? Well here are some main reasons to choose PHP for web application and website development.
Free Language For Web Development
When you start website development then there is no need to take any license because PHP is open source platform which available free for website development. There is no need to spend your money for personal as well as corporate use. It is freely available programming language to use and modify.
Reliable Platform For Web Development
PHP is a one the oldest and reliable programming language used from several locations since last several years. Due to the continuous success of PHP for web development makes a better relationship with their customers and trusted by millions of peoples. Due to this reason, the demand for PHP development company and PHP developers in India also increase.
Cost Efficient
PHP is available free for use. So, it reduces the server cost for your web applications. PHP supports all operating systems like Unix and Linux which are also open source and it reduces the deployment cost for your web project.
Easy to Use
PHP is not very critical language to understand or use. It is easy to learn PHP in less time and fewer efforts compare to other programming languages. Spend your few months with PHP will make you expert with PHP language and you can start to develop your own project in your own time.
Support Database
PHP supports database architecture and it also associated with another programming language which helps to create a database for your web application, for example, MYSQL, Oracle, IBM etc. MYSQL is also an open source which helps to create a free database including tables. It also helps to reduce the web development and deployment cost for your project.
Servers Compatibility 
PHP is versatile in nature and compatible with various kinds of web servers which are available in current market. This feature of PHP gives vast benefit to run your website on any operating system. It makes easy to deploy, update and transfer website data from one server to another server.  So, here is not a compatibility issue with website migration in PHP.
Best For Content Management System
There is a various open source platform which is best for content management system developed using PHP. WordPress is the best example of content management system developed using PHP programming. It reduces the efforts and time develop a creative as well as the dynamic website.
Various Frameworks
There are various ready made frameworks of PHP which are developed using PHP code. These frameworks its self their own features which are loved by programmers. Laravel, CakePHP, Joomla, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, Phalcon, Yii,  a many more framework.  These effective PHp frameworks used by many PHP developers for effective and powerful web application development.
PHP Developers Across The World
Due to the huge demand of PHP web development, the demand for PHP developers is also increased. You can hire dedicated PHP developers and PHP web programmers from any location for your critical project. They are ready to work for your project depending upon your project requirement.  You can Hire PHP developers and PHP professionals hourly basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and contract basis depending upon the requirement of your projects or needs.
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