The Attention Seeker – LG Stylus 2


LG is one of the highly Promising smart phone producers, they have been increasingly getting bigger, better and superior brands over the past few millennia. They have just emancipate a very enticing smart phone with the name of LG Stylus 2 this smart phone is not just attractive but the price is also very catchy which is surely quite satisfying for the LG smart phone lovers to get engaged with this phone conveniently. LG stylus 2 is more like a phablet to the users due to its large display and it also put together with some of the great engineering ever done by LG with abundant and conspicuous features. With the successful production of LG stylus 2 LG had proven his worth and with the futuristic approach LG has taken things to the next level and it certainly does offer something fine and enlivening.

Invigorating Design
Now we’ll start the analysis with the invigorating design that LG stylus 2 holds a dominating presence among the other smart phone contenders. The back of the phone is curvy and its with the plastic structure with the rear mounted buttons those buttons include phone lock button volume controlling buttons that’s is placed just underneath the rear camera of the phone. They carry out adequately in your fingers when keeping the phone in your hand. They look very even and it feels quite delicate when you hitting or touching the phone without even looking at it. Stylus or a pen that’s rest inside the top right corner front of the phone once you push that designated slot the stylus comes out it has a rubber Nib just like the pencil that you can use to draw pictures, and presentations. The stylus is very customary and it will provide you quite smooth touch while using it on the phone for different reasons. The stylus is very light weight and very sensitive it can be bent or mould if doesn’t used it carefully so in order to use them conveniently you use them with proper handling and care. This smart phone is astoundingly emaciated and it weights 148g only with the dimensions of 155 x 79.6 x 7.4 mm. the overall design of t he phone is pretty eye-catching and it surely does looks something quite elegant and unique when this smart phone rest at the palm of your hand.

Obliging Display
Despite the huge screen or display size of the 5.7 inches, that’s full touch screen and in cell capacitive touch. It has on screen resolution of HD 1280×720 and 16 million colors. With the immense display it still perfect and doesn’t feel preposterous at all. Lg Stylus 2 is moderately very thin and unpredictably light which is another impressive attraction in this smart phone.

Superior Performing Hardware And Software
As far as the software of this phone it’s managed to run on the most recent one that’s Android Marshmallow. The hardware rigged is LG Stylus 2 is genius Intel with precision and it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor (1.2 GHz Quad Core) with the GPU of Adreno 304, 409MHz and LG UI 5.0. In general with the performance and over all navigation of the phone is very smooth with the proficient touch. While downloading movies song or multi tasking and handling of the phone is highly substantial and you won’t find any lagging issue while operating this smart phon. It will give you a great understanding largely when using the phone.

Plentiful Memory
LG stylus 2 is incorporated with 1.5 GB ram with the internal storing capacity of 16GB that is plenty of space to get along nicely with your data in the phone and further with the support of Micro SD card you can upgrade the space to 128 GB so in the case of running out of space you can always get the benefit to get more space which will be a quite handful for the storage space and the processing will be done proficiently while switching in between the applications and downloading space consuming heavy games and in the case of streaming movies and videos.

Stimulating Cameras
The cameras on the front and rear is very decent, the rear camera is integrated with 13 Mega pixel with CMOS Autofocus with the characteristic of swamp camera both front and rear. Some of the options of the rear cameras are timer, digital zoom that’s 4x, video playback of 30fps@1080P. Front placing camera is of 8mega pixel also with auto focus for great seflies with some of the very high resolution that you can’t find in the other predecessor. The front camera has inspiring color reproduction which gives you more natural look while taking selfies and also those captured selfies is also very bright and pure colors. And the rear cameras will also produce great images when taking pictures with highest level of contrast ratio and visibly sharper and brighter pictures in both conditions that’s low and high light. The cameras are stimulating and extraordinarily phenomenal.

Sound that makes you groove
LG stylus 2 has one of the most outstanding sounds which is with music player that’s included in the music category of the phone. it s also has a 3.5 mm jack so while you are on the move you can keep some of the exclusive collections of songs with premium sound quality and with the built in equalizer you can adjust the level of the music according to your desire those levels include Off, Bass reducer, Treble booster, Bass booster, Vocal booster and much more you can also have a blasting sound while watching movies or playing games with great background sound. You can simply figure that LG stylus 2 is equipped with top of the line audio quality that will certainly makes you grooves even when out or at home.

Battery is one of the vitals of every smart phone that’s manufacture every now and then, when talk about LG stylus 2 it has a 3000 mah battery that will add extreme power during the day in one single charge

Sensors, Connectives
it supports sensors like Accelerometer,Digital compass, Ambient light, Hall IC and proximity while the connectives of this smart phone are Bluetooth, Wifi ,GPS, USB V2.0 HS.3.5MM jack, active noise cancellation with dedicated Mic , the other attractions of this phone are Smart Keyboard, Gesture Shot, Clip Tray, Document Viewer, Contacts Sync, File Manager, Navigation, Remote Call Service and other bundles of features that adds more worth to this smart phone

While after knowing almost each and every thing about this new innovative and highly featured LG Stylus 2, one that’s quite obvious that LG taken complete control on the rival smart phone predecessors with in this price range. is exclusively bestowing this ostentatious smart phone LG Stylus 2 prices in Pakistan. Take a close view of this smart phone while ordering with us from the most elite online portal and get the greatest and highest quality of the products. LG Stylus 2 is one appealing smart phone amongst the top most smart phone of this price tag.

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