Where to file consumer complaint online?

Voxya online consumer complaint forum

Nowadays online business is trending, mostly businessmen are running their business online and serving their best products and services in front of customers. But most of the time companies not serving their best services. Such companies want to get a big profit from companies. Most of the time they deliver fast products, defective products, or charge extra for products and much more. When a consumer asks about the mishappening occurs from the company then they are not able to respond properly. In such cases, the customer gets frustrated from the company. Some companies are maintaining their online reputation and give the best customer support services and take care completely their customers. But few companies just focusing on their earnings and neglect the customer support services. Some time customer feels he/she is cheated by such a company and make calls or send mail but not get a proper reply. In this situation, they need the help of consumer forum. But few consumer can’t want to go consumer court directly and we also never suggest to go or file a consumer complaint directly on consumer forum or consumer court. You first need to collect the evidence related to your consumer complaint and go through online consumer complaint forums. There are many online consumer complaints forum in India where the consumer can file their complaint online to get quickly.  Voxya is also the best online consumer complaint website in India.
Voxya is a unique platform to file a consumer complaint online against the company to resolve quickly. The process of Voxya consumer complaint forum is very easy. It will help you to get a replacement, return, refund and compensation of your losses or product.  Voxya have excellent team members who experience in resolving any type of consumer problems.
How to file a consumer complaint online at Voxya consumer complaint forum?
  • If you want to file a consumer complaint online to resolve your complaint quickly then go through Voxya.com and click on the red button “File a Complaint”.
  • You navigate to next page where you post your complaint. Here you need to fill complete information related to a consumer complaint and then click on next button.
  • Then, you navigate to next page where you need give few personal information to create an account at Voxya consumer complaint forum. You can also sign up with your Facebook and Google Plus account. Then, click on next button.
  • Now, You navigate to next page where you need choose method to resolve your complaint online and then submit your complaint.
  • After submitting your complaint, you can share your complaint on different social media, for example, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc.
How Voxya helps to resolve consumer complaint?
File a consumer complaint at Voxya and share with your friends using social media. Voxya starts social camping for maximum impact of your consumer complaints. Voxya sends an email to the company to resolve consumer complaint or dispute amicably. If the team does not get the appropriate response from the company then team send a registered notice to the company and also give a copy to the customer. After that voxya collect all documents related to consumer complaint and help the consumer in approaching consumer forum and consumer court in India.  The basic services of Voxya consumer complaint forum are free but sending a registered notice and approaching for consumer court is paid service to resolve the complaint. It includes very minimal price to send registered notice to company and approach for consumer court or consumer forum.

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