Web Design Mistakes that Impact the Traffic to Your Site Coming from Instagram

Creating responsive web design could be quite challenging but you must necessarily come up with responsive web design if you want to boost your business. You are no longer bogged down by limited disk space or low-speed mobile data. We are now part of a progressive feed-driven world where most users are happy to do things preferably on the go. You would be picking up the subtle nuances of perfect web design only through making mistakes. Each time you are making a new mistake, you are learning something new. Experts believe that it is better to make mistakes rather than fake perfection. Here are some common web design mistakes that would be adversely impacting the effectiveness of Instagram as a marketing & promotion platform.

Mistake No.1: Web Pages Take Ages to Load

Lots of videos and images are bound to slow down your specific website. In this context, you must understand that mobile users would be requiring convenience while browsing. They would be bouncing off if the website is very slow and you need to wait endlessly for the pages to load. Be sure that your rankings would go down as the search engines would be degrading your website during the indexing process. You must have a perfect web design where the mobile site would not be detracting from providing their core values while providing smooth User Experience or UX.


  • Consider eliminating unnecessary media which fails to add any kind of value to your site.
  • Consider your ultimate objective or end goal while designing your website.

Mistake No.2: Designing for Devices & Not for Screens

Use screen size for creating a responsive design rather than using device classification. Some cell phones are now pretty large and some desktop manufacturers would be matching the television sizes.


  • Consider screen size exclusively for responsive breakpoints.

Mistake No.3: Not Understanding the Buyer Persona

The chief responsibility of a web designer is to know the users. It is critical to know and understand the buyer persona. This would go a long way in answering certain vital questions associated with web design. Designers commit the grave mistake of not bothering to learn about the buyer persona before designing the site.


  • Explore more about the target audience and the end users.
  • Avoid the cookie cutter approach to web design.

You must consider responding to all follower questions promptly and frequently share content that is generated by followers for Instagram.

Mistake No.4: Skipping A/B Testing

Web designers must understand that what may be working well in one particular device, may not necessarily do well on all others. Before taking your site live, you must do a lot of testing on multiple devices for discovering usual User Experience or UX issues. You must necessarily sort them out. You may not have the adequate time or budget for going for user testing but at least testing the website would point out issues with development decisions.


You must consider running your website through Mobile-Friendly Test from Google for identifying potential User Experience issues.


Meticulous thinking is crucial to generating great responsive designs. Remember a responsive web design is integral to Instagram marketing success. Make sure that you are doing it right. If you are expecting to become a famous brand overnight by simply creating an account on Instagram, then you are very much mistaken. You must not only create a responsive website, you must also focus on building fruitful relationships for building a robust community of all your loyal clients.

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