Things Every Business Website Needs


Overview on Business Websites

There are various other elements apart from the design of your website that plays an important role in making your business website a customer-friendly.

It would be not wrong to say that with the help of these factors you can inspire customers to actually do business with you. Here are the essentials that every small business website should have for it to effectively help you do business.


List of Important Things Every Business Website Needs

1.    Short and sweet description about your business

  1. Simple Web address
  1. Easy to navigate site map

Short and sweet description about your business- 

     Someone who visits upon your website must not have to go in detail and do lots of investigation to know about your business. You must mention about your work in short and simple language so that anyone can figure out what exactly you do. That means clearly stating your name and summing up your products or services right on the homepage.

   You must also tell people that this is the right website, which they have been searching for, so that they get attracted immediately within 2-3 seconds. You must encourage them to stay on your website longer.

  Simple Web address

You must not make things complicated. Your domain name is like your brand; hence it must be easy for a user to type it into a Web browser or an e-mail address.

It is always recommend buying the .com domain as users are conditioned to type that extension when they enter a Web address. . org is recommended for non-profits or organizations for branding purposes, but also recommend having a .com version of the domain in case a user accidentally types the .com address.

You must avoid dashes that can cause SEO headaches and numbers, which may cause confusion for customers.

  Easy to navigate site map

For guiding visitors to the information they are looking for, clear links to the most important pages, and a site map are essential. You need to be sure that your navigation is clearly laid out.

You are suggested using dropdowns in the navigation menu so the visitor can see the content under every heading from virtually any page. You must make it very easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for, or what you want them to know.

Apart from these important things, you need to keep in mind following factors.

  • Break things down into short paragraphs, with proper headers if required
  • Make use of bullet points
  • Essentially highlight important words or phrases.

At the end, keep in mind that the simplicity and basic colors are the best bet.

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