Things to Fit into a Company’s Culture Before You Take the Job

Things to Fit into a Company's Culture Before You Take the Job

Once an individual successfully clears an interview, he/she looks forward to start working at the workplace. This could apply to anyone whose career has just started or an individual who has recently shifted to a new organization. Whether the person is a beginner or an experienced professional, starting a job at a new workplace can give an individual goosebumps as endless questions pop up in mind. Today, there are many options available to know about the work environment of a company before going for an interview. With the help of the Internet, investigate about the organization by making use of websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor to get an insight into company’s culture and try to contact employees who are currently working there. While it is not possible to get answers for all queries on such websites, devise your own techniques to see if the work culture is as per your values. It could help you take necessary steps that will help you easily fit in the workplace. Try following methods:

  • Make Good Observations :

Having skills that will land you with a job is just not enough. When you go for an interview, try to reach the venue before the scheduled time. It can give you a sneak peek in the working style of the company and also help in learning things just by observation. Even if you have a quick walk through the place, you will definitely understand things like how employees are seated, how do they greet each other, and whether they have breaks, or is everyone just focused on the work.

  • Notice Everything :

As soon as you enter a prospective company, start surveying the people around. Assess small things and understand points like what is the dress code for employees, are desks clean? You can also make a note of other things such as whether there are individual cubicles for work, and if they use earphones or interact with other employees as they carry on their work. Observe body language of employees to understand the atmosphere in the workplace.

  • Ask Right Questions :

When the hiring manager gives you a chance to ask any questions related to work, make most of the opportunity. Once you get idea about the working hours and company’s work culture, you can start asking more subtle questions. This may include queries related to professional development of an employee, are risks encouraged and how mistakes are handled.

  • Ask Same Questions To Different People :

It might happen that you will be interviewed by different members of a team to know if you are the suitable candidate. At such times, ask similar questions to them and see their individual response. You can learn a lot through their answers as each employee would have a different perspective.

  • Assess Company’s Social Media Presence :

To check the popularity of the company you are about to join, visit its website. Check the reviews of employees who are already working there or were a part of it in the past. Their thoughts can give you a clearer picture of the work culture and even cover other aspects.

  • Know What You Are Looking For :

If you are someone who prefers a good working environment along with the job you do, then assess what type or work culture you would like to be a part of. Understand the type of colleagues and managers you were comfortable with in the past and be honest with your values. Recognize the culture you want, whether it is limited to extra activities, parties or includes recognition for accomplishments.

Becoming comfortable with a new workplace is definitely going to take some time as it is a completely new experience. Also, it may be difficult to determine a company’s work culture on the basis of collected information. Hence, before you take the offer and jump in to join the company, do a thorough research of the organization by going through their annual reports, working style, and understand their work values. If looking for a job change, revamp your resume with resume samples.

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