5 Benefits of Being Calm in Work Pressure

Job Satisfication 5 Benefits of Being Calm in Work Pressure

Finding it difficult to handle the workload just because a couple of the core team members have taken an unplanned leave? Struggling to meet the revised project deadline as the client has sent a mail just a few hours back? While these might be normal scenarios in every organization, how the employees handle the unprecedented situations determines the ability of a firm to deliver projects. Whether different teams collaborate and work effectively to deliver at least a part of the expected output within the new time frame, or the team members just shout their head off and blame one another for being irresponsible, all these could affect the company’s reputation and growth. Hence, it is necessary that individuals stay composed in whatever situation they are in. Be it the slow internet, crunching deadlines, a negative work environment, or colleagues who love to gossip, staying calm in the midst of all these would definitely increase your value as an employee and overcome work-life challenges with dignity.

The other merits of being able to maintain your poise under work stress are :

1. No role in office politics :

When things don’t work out well, and client has already started ranting about the failure of the team, the situation could go out of hands. The colleagues in office, howsoever close they might be, are always going to act professional when it comes to taking the blame. Some might even stoop to the lowest level and try playing dirty politics just to stay safe in the eyes of the boss. The same colleagues who promised to take responsibility when the project does not meet expectations can take a U-turn and put the entire blame on you. On the other hand, if you are someone who can maintain calm in such situations, you will definitely not play the same cheap tricks just to take revenge from competitors because you are aware that rather than taking a part in such fights, carrying on work as though nothing has happened and silently impressing the boss would burn their egos to ashes.

2. Stress-free life :

To begin with, staying calm automatically lessens your work stress and makes the whole place look positive irrespective of the office environment. Leaving the office work at the desk and removing all work tantrums from mind makes sure that you will be able to invest time sufficiently for family and friends. The tensions of work when left at the company helps to dodge stress and health problems like insomnia, loss of concentration, and the feeling of constant fatigue. Not only this, managing stress keeps aggravated health issues and severe ailments like hypertension, digestive disorders, and even heart stroke at bay. What is more important than staying in the best of health to boost your productivity? Being unperturbed in agitated situations helps you to nip the problem in the bud as well as ensures the work goes on smoothly.

3. Undivided focus :

When an individual can stay calm during high pressure situations, his or her concentration power remains at peak and enables him or her to focus on solutions instead of the problem. Also, such people always have a back-up plan ready in their mind when the project fails to deliver. They will resort to plan B when plan A doesn’t work. Also, a calm and composed professional will pay attention to a single thing at a time instead of multitasking just to sort out the issue in a jiffy. Such individuals emphasize bigger goals instead of silly problems that are often ranted by negative-minded co-workers. They are confident, have good self-belief and always try to seek out answers instead of raising new questions.

4. Healthy professional relationships :

A single rotten mango can spoil the entire basket. Similarly, if a person has a pessimistic attitude towards his responsibilities, it could affect the morale of the whole team. On the other hand, when there is a composed optimistic team leader, the positive repercussions are felt by the team, and they won’t be afraid to overcome obstacles, howsoever impossible it might seem. Such individuals can differentiate between tasks that require immediate attention and priority as compared to other tasks which can remain undone since there would be no major consequences for the same. This compels jealous colleagues to give up their guard and realize what a positive professional you are. It not only helps to build good workplace relations, but also develops a positive and progressive atmosphere in the office. This attitude makes people less hostile, and also aids in striking the right work-life balance.

5. Better job security :

Who would like an employee who panics and keeps losing control even at the tiniest of the problem? It would not only disturb other colleagues, but also affect the complete workflow. On the other hand, when you are going to remain unaffected by the chaotic situations and participate less in amplifying the issue in hand and focus on possible solutions, it is going to help you shine above all and indirectly impress the employer. The boss will surely realize your worth for the efficient working of the company and may shower promotions or higher designations sooner than expected. Maintaining a stoically composed and phlegmatic attitude would never endanger your position or put a red flag on the desk.

You might have been a rowdy brat in childhood days and caused a mayhem when things did not happen the way you liked. The point is to realize that the whole scenario changes when you enter a corporate world. It is essential to recognize when to give cheesy answers, be diplomatic, and when to control your anger in the trickiest situations if you want to keep the job and make win-win deals with big clients easily. Staying composed and sophisticated in nerve-wrecking situations can not only make you a candidate every company would love to have on board, but also help you climb the ladder of success fast.


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