How to use to earn Money?

There are many sources available to earn money online with your blog site like Infolinks, google Adsense, Chitika, Median net and so on. The best one in Google Adsense. But many people or bloggers face many problems to get approved their blog site from Google. Media net is also like Google Adsense and its pay around Google for their advertising on any blog sites. And it’s not complicated get approved via Visit here to Join . We would like to tell more about media net. It is bing and Yahoo advertising site. We also use this network on our blog sites. You can also post their bing and yahoo ads on your site. works like Google Adsense means its pay for CPM per impression. Its has their term & conditions and policy like Google Adsense. Every publisher should read once before to join the

How to get Approve from Media Net:-

It is not a difficult task to get approved form, media net rather than Google Adsense. For that you will have to sign up on media net and fill the details included with your blog site. After that you have to complete your personal details. It’s doesn’t matter your site has high traffic or high Alexa or many things to get approve like Google Adsense. Because google approve only that site which has google traffic and Alexa. Visit here for 12 Killer SEO Strategies that improve traffic . But in the media net network you don’t need for this requirement. After sending the request media net verify your site via confirmation mail. You can set the ads on your site and get started earning.

Using Yahoo bing Ad network

How to set ads for maximum earning :-

This is very important for every blogger to know how to set ads on the blog or how many ads should we place on a single page for maximum earnings. And which ad size could be nice to generate good CPM for high Earning. We would like to inform that there are many ads size available in network. Mostly ads size used by bloggers is 336×280, 300×250, 728×90, 600×250, 160×600, 728×20, 600×120, 468×60, 200×200, 250×250, 120×600, 120×300, 300×600, 160×90, 180×150. But every publisher must know which ad size should be good for high earning.

Yahoo ad network ad sizes

How many ads can we place – Many bloggers, set 4 to 5 ads on the page to get higher CPM. When they join media net they want to earn money from the next day. But it is not easy as they want and also not difficult as they understood. So, to get the best revenue we should place 3 ads on page for higher CPM.

Where should we place ads – It is the next question come in the publisher mind where should he place ads for good earning. We should place ads following:-

1. Top of the site – when visitor come on the site than he spent maximum time on the top header on the site. So we should set one one on the top of the site, with the size 728×90. Its could generate good earning.

2. Right side of the site – second ads we should place a right side on the blog site. Here we should fix the size of ads around 160×600

3. In the content Body – It is the best place to put ads. Its generate good CPM and high earning. So the first ads should we place in the beginning of the content after the first paragraph with the size of 300×250. Because when visitor read the content than this ad could increase your CPM. The second one we should place in the last of the content with the size of 600×250. Because when visit fishiness your post he/she will reach your ads again. It could also increase your CPM.


Hope you would get nice information about How to use media net for good earning. It is not hard working to get high earning through But for that if your site has good traffic, you can earn much money from this network. But there are many tips you will get from the internet to get high revenue for this network. I write this post because we are getting good result after following these on our blog site. You can also follow our tips if you use media network.

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