Remote Jobs – A new style statement in work culture

Technology has been a key player in the remote revolution. Enabling mobility, it allows people to work from any other location outside their office. Ubiquitous Wi-fi and laptops have empowered people to take up their tasks without any hassles, from any location that they prefer.

The changes in the workforce have influenced changes in the work culture. The growth of working millennials, lead to a rise in demand for flexible work environment. This generation is clamoring a culture that enables them to carry out their work tasks from any location that they prefer.

Apart from the young generation, retired personnel, mothers, students, housemakers, and others also demand a career that enables them to maintain a greater balance between their personal and work life.

When a person works remotely, he/she experiences a number of positive changes. These include:

  1. Working remotely is not necessarily being bound to the four walls of the house. In fact, your office can be of any kind and anywhere that you want.
  2. Saving yourself from commuting, you save a lot of money in a remote job.
  3. You enjoy the flexibility of working as per your own schedule, without any deadlines.
  4. You become more productive in a remote job as you work in a suitable environment.
  5. You get time for things and people you love. Greater flexibility in a remote job helps you in maintaining greater work-life balance.

Providing numerous such opportunities to people, Indian companies like CACTUS, Searchline Database Pvt Ltd, Working Solutions and others came up with an idea of easy-to-do remote jobs.

In addition, established companies also encouraged the concept of flex-work, under which they give an opportunity to their employees to work remotely. Although the main aim behind it is to retain the employees, some companies have also incorporated it to offer a healthy and productive working environment to them. Companies like Xerox, Axelerant, Dotdash, SAP, Facebook, and others are provided such benefits to their employees.

On the other hand, there are certain companies who have not yet integrated a concept of work-from-home. Google is one such company, which believes that productivity enhances in a shared space, where the thoughts of several creative people collide.

Despite that the demand for remote jobs in India and across the world, remains high, as the ratio of young employees is rising. Statistics by PwC show that only 9 per cent of young workers prefer a traditional environment to work.

Another group of young leaders, the digital nomads are also selecting remote jobs to live a life they desire. Indian companies like CACTUS, Searchline Database Pvt Ltd and Working solutions are enabling them to earn sufficient while traveling the world. Different companies are providing several such opportunities to several people across India.

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