The World’s Most Unique Travel Map, The Scratch Map

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The Scratch map®is not just an ordinary and usual map. It is a very unique and exceptional. The family of scratch map has a very inspiring success story. Those maps go beyond featuring land and water in the world. They can record your travelling adventures and expand your knowledge about all countries in the world.

  • Origin of success story

It all began in the UK with a team of creative map designers. They designed the very first Scratch map®. Since that moment, the product has achieved global success and best selling record. The team decided to turn the unique idea into a rich legacy. Nowadays you can easily get different editions and versions of the Scratch map®. The family of scratch map is becoming bigger and you will meet many amazing sisters to the original map.

  • Amazing versions of The Scratch map®

Many editions and versions of the unique scratch map®will make you totally confused. It will be a bit difficult to choose just one map. Your taste and needs will help you in making your decision. Here are interesting versions of the map you will definitely like:

 Who said that practical maps don’t look elegant? Scratch Map® Deluxe is the true expression of elegancy in maps. The stylish map is printed on matte black paper. It features all countries in the world along with important cities and capitals. The luxurious map doesn’t leave islands out of the equation. You can off course scratch the golden layer once you visit a new place in the world. Each time you remove the golden layer, you will discover amazing facts about this place. The Deluxe map contains colorful infographics that explain more interesting facts.

–          Scratch Map® Original

This is the oldest sister in the Scratch map collection. It is a world map poster with a removable golden layer. The map has vibrant and rich colours underneath the removable layer. The map will not only show you countries to visit, but also will show you amazing global facts and interesting travelling tips.

 –          Scratch Map® Travel Edition

Size is an important element when it comes to maps. Medium and large scratch maps work best in decorating the walls, but a smaller one is perfect for travelling. Getting a travel edition of the scratch map won’t make you concerned about its wellbeing. The idea of this map is the same as the original sister.In order to guarantee the safety of the map during travel, you should keep it stored in its travel tube.

 –          Scratch Map® Chalk

This map takes scratch map experience to a whole new level of personalisation. In addition to removing the golden layer, you can also personalize your map with the unique chalkboard pen. You shouldn’t worry if you add a note you want to remove, you can easily wipe it away like it was never there.

–          Scratch Map® Oceans

The exceptional map is the only one in the family to be printed on transparent acetate.  The map contains interesting facts about all oceans in the world. Of course, you will scratch the silver layer of each country you visit. This map is ideal gift for sea and ocean lovers.

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