Tips to Write Resume for Blue-collar Jobs

Blue color job

Blue-collar jobs are those that involves using physical skills rather than mental. All types of laborious jobs that don’t require education, and high skills fall under this category. But there are some jobs in this category that require training and certification such as plumbing, electrician, and mechanic. However, with development of different careers and professions, criteria for determining jobs that fall in this category vary. Even the wage that these professionals earn vary depending upon their level of skill.

With an increase in demand for blue-collar workers, the opportunities and wages that the laborious jobs offer have surged. This has also heightened the competition significantly. But to stay relevant in the competitive job market and land a job, it is essential to have a strong work profile. So building a resume that can justify your skills and abilities is of paramount importance.

Look for resume templates online:

Building a resume can be a daunting task for first-time job seekers. Blue-collar jobs require skills that can vary based on the industry and may or may not require education as a necessary criterion. Given the erratic nature of requirements when it comes to blue-collar jobs, creating a resume that is inclusive of requisite details can be tricky. So it is advisable to go through the best samples of resume that are available online.

Go through the job description:

Getting to know job openings these days is not as difficult as it initially was. The process of hiring is carried out systematically by advertising and accepting applications online. Registering on job portals enables you to get all the information regarding the openings, type of job, required skills, education, and salary. Hence, it is advisable for a job-seeker to go through all the details and job description. It can be helpful for him to build a strong resume in accordance with the prerequisites.

Build a strong resume:

Once you have the general idea of creating a resume, you should focus on putting it to use. While writing a resume, make sure you include all the necessary information.

  • Start writing your resume with basic information such as your personal details along with your contact.
  • After that, comes the ‘career objective’. Writing it can demonstrate your will and eagerness for getting the job and can be appealing to the employer.
  • Once the objective is clear, try to mention relevant work experience. Most of the blue-collar jobs involve skills that are to be physically deployed in order to carry out the task. In that case, an experience of doing such work can be helpful for you in getting the job as the employer may not be willing to take any risk by employing a novice worker, nor he would be willing to train him wasting his time. So work experience can be a defining factor on your resume.
  • After mentioning work experience, add educational details and certifications that you received. Details of your high-school and college should be mentioned along with proper date of joining and completion of the course.
  • Skills play an important part in landing a job. Employers do realize its importance when it comes to blue-collar jobs. Mentioning skills additional to the current requirement can be a blessing in disguise. The reason for that is employers offering blue-collar jobs look for candidates who can perform multiple tasks thereby enabling them to cut costs on hiring a professional for every separate task.
  • You can end the resume by providing your family background, date of birth, and other additional details.

Landing a blue-collar job is as tough as the job itself. One has to search through contacts. But having a good resume and a strong work profile can open-up a myriad of opportunities. So to have a strong resume with proper guidance on BSR will be instrumental in landing a job of your choice.

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