Tips to Conduct Celebrity Interview


As the world is more connected today, celebrities don’t mind going out of the way to get in touch with fans to stay in the limelight. They don’t shy away from giving opinions on social issues or talking about their personal lives on social media and often call press conference to discuss their upcoming gig or share their thoughts on a particular topic. If you are a reporter who has got a chance to conduct a celebrity interview, it could be a dream come true. This could be the turning point of your life and make your career get on the right track. As you imagine yourself two steps away from capturing a snapshot with the famous personality and cannot contain your excitement, it is also necessary to be prepared to have a chat with a personality that hog the limelight. Even if your aim is to know more about the concerned celebrity’s life and ask questions of fans, at the same time, it is important to see that your questions won’t make him/her uncomfortable and abandon the interview right away. If you want to avoid such starry tantrums and conflicts in an interview, follow the tips given below to make your peers feel jealous about your big chance.

  • Prepare notes

You are bound to be a starstruck at least for the initial moments when you see the celebrity right in front of you and may even imagine it to be happening in your dreams. At such times, having notes might help you get back on track and avoid stammering during the interview. You should list down the questions that you will be asking prominent superstars. Also, you should pay attention to the tone and be extra cautious when a question involves some scandals or unpleasant experiences with the celebrity. It may just annoy the star.

  • Contact the celebrity’s publicist

With so much fan following, celebrities these days employ their own staff to handle all things smoothly. They have their personal publicists to handle film promotion events, advertisements, booking schedule for interviews. Unlike the olden days, the contact numbers of famous personalities are not available for security purposes. Hence, when you are planning to make an appointment for an interview, the first thing, you will have to do is confirm the date with the superstar’s publicist. You may get this information at your company or will have to search it on the Internet.

  • Maintain a calm attitude

Even if you succeed in gaining the publicist’s contact number, the next step is to make sure that you get an interview date. The publicist might interrogate you for tiniest details, right from the reason behind your interview to when the article would be published. Some might behave arrogant and would want to skip it. Try to be nonchalant and appear confident during the entire interaction.

  • Ask the right questions

If you don’t want the celebrity to turn sour in an interview, make sure you come up with the right questions to keep him/her engaged. After you get comfortable and are done with the initial introduction, you can start asking your listed questions politely. As your interview progresses, don’t be afraid to throw in some spontaneous questions when you were discussing a particular topic. Since, this type of interview gives you a chance to notice a celebrity’s eating habits, scrutinize him/her right from head to toe. You must be conscious not to ask stupid questions or start behaving as an obsessive fan. Although you are keen to know about a particular incident that happened a few years back with the celebrity, you can try in a subtle way. However, if he/she is not ready to spill the beans and is reluctant to talk about it, don’t act too persistent.

  • Keep your ears open for unexpected leaks

It often happens when a celebrity gets comfortable in talking about an upcoming film or the current situation in life, he/she gets carried away and starts blurting out unheard incidences. This could lead to some unexpected revelations that are not known to the fans. At such times, be a patient listener and don’t try to cut in to give your personal opinions on the subject. You might get your punch line in these revelations.

If you want your newspaper to stay strong in the entertainment business, gear up every time you get a chance to interview a celebrity. Dress glamorously as per the occasion and at the end, thank the celebrity for taking time out of busy schedule to make it a memorable event in your life.

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