Taking care of your Loved Ones and Vehicle with our GPS Tracker Device

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Rajan Chadha, the name which invokes respect and acknowledgement from every quarter of personal and professional arena, is the main person behind this company. More than four decades ago.

He founded Road Point India Limited the name which brought personal security and surveillance benefits to the common man in India. Handling the baton over the next generation, own Road Point Limited India, which aspires to be synonymous with personal tracking, professional fleet management, theft protection and surveillance purpose in India. Road Point Limited India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mudra Electronics Security Devices Pvt Ltd.

RoadPoint India Limited provides GPS Tracking Equipment for your day to day solutions. We are a company that thinks for the customers like a customer. We aimed for a vision to make navigation and tracking affordable to all and we have achieved this with the help of our mentor Mr. Ranjan Chadha who is also the developer of this company. He started this company in the year 1994.  GPS System, India Track, Mumbai GPS, Gujarat GPS, GPS System Delhi, is not only an ace in vehicle, automobile industry but apart from that it’s even a brand name that is now an example for others to look upon. Power of RoadPoint India Limited is such that people blindly trust the quality of manufactured products. Our name is a mark of quality and service. We have taken the standards of GPS solutions to all new level and have become an inspiration to those who aspire of achieving big without compromising their self esteem and customers satisfaction. With strong determination and dedication we have climbed the steps of success increasingly day by day

Founded in 1994 Biggest GPS Supplier & Manufacturer 600+ Dealer  &  350+ Distributor in All over India. RoadPoint India Limited is a Vehicle, Personal Live and Real Time Tracking System IOS & Android based app. RoadPoint India Limited have always created GPS devices that our compact in size and easy to use. along with mobile data services to track, send/receive sms photos, videos and even user locations with images. Currently their team consists of 38 members.

Future plan of the company is very clear to be the Best GPS Solution provider in the world by keeping the best class service to the customers. The company is also moving forward for the development of GPS device for the Make IN INDIA.

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