Why The Princess Cut Diamond Rings Are Much More Than Their Affordable Price

The sleek lines of the princess cut diamond rings give it a dramatic and elegant effect. This popular diamond cut is designed to give maximum sparkle to its chic and modern square shape. The princess cut diamond rings are more dazzling than ever in a solitary-type mount. At your chosen Jewelry workshop, you can have them design engagement rings to accommodate princess-cut diamonds, giving a very modern twist to the traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring.


The price per carat of princess cut diamond rings is lower than that of round diamonds. The reason for this is very simple. The pyramidal shape of the once-polished princess-cut diamond comes close to the shape of the original crude diamond cut in half. So there is very little loss. This good performance explains why a princess-sized diamond is cheaper than a round diamond. Keep in mind, however, that princess-cut diamonds can only come from well-trained, high-quality rough diamonds.


You do not compromise in terms of quality when you opt for a princess-sized diamond. Indeed, of all the existing square shapes, the princess cut is the cut of which the fire and the brilliance is closest to the round brilliant diamond. A princess diamond engagement ring gives a unique combination of shape, shine, and price. If you like the characteristics of the round diamond but you prefer the square shape; the princess cut diamond rings are for you! Indeed, most rectangular or square shaped diamonds will not offer you the same brilliance as the round or oval diamonds, but the princess shape keeps all its brilliance in spite of everything. It is very important to check that the jewel’s mount or frame covers the pointed ends of this stone to avoid cracks.

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