Interview Q&A for School Counselor

School Counselor

School counselor forms an essential part of an educational institution. They play a vital role in helping students to take crucial decisions about their career. They are also responsible for handling pupils who are facing mental or emotional problems at home or struggling to make friends in school. A counselor acts as a mentor and helps in proper nurturing of students by addressing their problems at the right time. If you are particularly interested in kids and just enjoy spending time with them, you could pursue your career as a school counselor. You can have an overview of probable questions and their prospective answers that will help you prepare for an interview.

1.  Why do you prefer counseling as a career ?
When I was pursuing my degree course, I was fascinated by psychology and the ways human mind works. From then onward, I decided to become a counselor and provide comfortable solutions to others.

2.  Why do you think you are ready to become a school counselor?
Stating your educational background and credentials is a good idea but your words can add more weight to it by following up with personal experiences. It could be how you handled difficult cases or have received a particular training regarding the same. For example, you could tell how you helped a student in choosing the right stream which proved beneficial in his/her career.

3.  How will you handle student/s who disrupt the class?
With many children today facing behavioral issues, this will be a likely question. To tackle it effectively, you can state that you will do your best to identify the main reason behind this problem. Elaborate your answer by saying that you will work closely with the child and try to find a solution. You can state how you handled a child with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to take interests in studies.

4.  What will you do if a student reports abuse by a teacher ?
Maintaining healthy relationships between students and teachers is a key part of the counselor’s job. Even if such a case comes to light, a mentor must always use methods that are relevant and fit the school policies. If you have any experience of helping a child open up about problems faced in school and mention the same.

5.  What will you do if a child is being abused by a parent?
As a counselor is responsible for handling many students, it is equally important he or she maintains their confidentiality. If a child shows signs of abuse or has made serious allegations against his/her parents, these indications must not be taken lightly. You should report such cases to the concerned superior authority and follow school protocols to see that the child is immediately taken care of and resort to methods that will make the kid feel comfortable.

6.  Are you comfortable working with others?
This is going to be an important aspect of your job as you will be bridging a gap between students and teachers. Hence, if a pupil or bunch of students are facing difficulty in grasping a certain academic subject, it is the role of a mentor to find them a suitable teacher who will not only understand their troubles but also ensure that they learn effectively.

7.  Why do you want to become a mentor in school environment?
You could quote that the school life is quite a tumultuous period where an individual has to face academic expectations from parents, deal with peer pressure and also deal with emotional issues. In this transition period, proper counseling ensures that the student develops a positive mindset and grows into a mature person. For such a question, you can narrate an incidence where you helped a student get confidence and believe in his/her capabilities which ultimately improved the grades.

8.  What experience do you have which makes you suitable for this role?
In order to respond to such a question, you can state various instances that set you apart from other candidates. You can narrate stories of how you have handled students from various socioeconomic backgrounds and made them realize their interests. For instance, you could state how your guidance helped a learner from poor family achieve top marks in the school.

At the time of an interview, you must see to it that each answer supports your dedication and well-being for students. Also, you must be able to communicate to the interviewer why you are capable of solving their problems and are efficient enough to become their mentor to guide them towards a successful life.


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