The incredible story of entrepreneur Denis Vincent


Successful people have one thing in common – They often have to struggle with different things. Canadian entrepreneur Denis Vincent is a well-known name in the business world. Besides working in more than a dozen industries, he is also an active philanthropist and a qualified pilot. Here is an overview of his success story.

Early life

Vincent started his career on a fairly limited note. He worked with P.R.C.S. Construction Isolation for one year as administrator, before continuing with Moto Bateau, where he was involved in the sale of boats and motorcycles. He was also associated with after-sales services and remained an employee for five years. During this time he gained a lot of knowledge in sales and began practicing in private in 1989. The next decade he ventured into other branches and divisions of auto sales and global export , where he was associated with projects in Russia and Asia.

Success in the Aviation Industry

At a young age, Mr. Vincent wanted to be part of the aviation industry. His dream came true in January 1997 when he founded Heli Vincent Inc. He is the president of this company, specializes in sales and rental of aircraft and helicopters. During this period, he began to qualify as pilot and pilot since. It has accumulated more than 14,000 TT, according to the latest available data. When not busy with his other business activities, he enjoyed flying in Canada and was in charge of two transatlantic flights. He also piloted a mono motor flight from Quebec City to Madagascar.

Other Achievements

Denis Vincent began his career in the aviation world in 2000, and since then has been associated with numerous major mergers and acquisitions in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia. He is also Financial Director for Strong Arm Labor & Contracting since 2011. Mr. Vincent likes to keep discretion, however, many people know his associations with charities. He likes to donate regularly to local charities and personally involves himself in activities.

The Pressure of Success

Vincent often talks about his initial struggles out of his interviews. He mentions wanting to make more of it in the real estate industry in the days that follow, however, maintaining his primary passion for aviation and driving. He also expresses his hope for beginners in the real estate industry and assures us to help entrepreneurs who wish to have his ideas for improvement in the industry. He admits that driving is his only indulgence, and that he would like to make some advantages in the days that follow.
Thanks to limited publicity, Mr. Vincent remains a mystery to many, even among those who are nearest to him. Out of a recent interview, he said he would like to announce more projects to come in the coming months, however he was waiting for the timely opportunity.

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