How to Overcome Harassment at Workplace


‘Workplace harassment’ or ‘workplace bullying’ includes different types of bullying or discrimination aimed at a specific individual or a group of individuals. It could be in the form of emotional and physical abuse that can inflict negative impact on the person at the receiving end. Recently, matters of workplace harassment have gained lots of attention as it is a sensitive issue that impacts the individuals and the work-place environment. Cases of sexual-harassment gain a lot of attention in the media which consequently dents the reputation of the organization. So it is important that the management adapts policies that protects the employees from workplace-harassment and punishes the wrong-doers.

Recognize bullying behaviors:

Pay careful attention to the behavior of people around you. Recognize if their actions are based on mere misunderstanding or whether they are intentionally aimed at you. Some bullying action includes passing disrespectful comments, unnecessary criticism, undermining someone’s work to belittle them, deliberate efforts to prevent from performing well, etc. These are common traits that bully portray. So you must be careful in dealing with such people and respond them in appropriate manner without getting intimidated.

Let the Bully Know the Behavior is Unwelcome:

The next step in dealing with such people is to confront them and express disapproval towards their behavior. Confronting them is a better option at that stage because if the issue gets resolved, then and there, you don’t have to worry about it any further and you do not need to take any drastic measures.

Keep a record of all bullying events:

If confronting the bully doesn’t yield favorable results, and the bullying continues, the next step is to gather enough evidence so that you can expose his/her behavior. Record the instances when someone tries to torment you using any means. If possible keep a record of exact dates and timings when it occurs. Collecting evidence is important as it is a concrete way to stop bullying when you report the issue to the superiors.

Consult Employer Policies:

Try finding out if the company has policies to deal with the issue of harassment. Generally, companies do have policies in order to tackle such issues and there are even severe laws against sensitive issues such as ‘sexual harassment’.

Get witnesses:

Feel free to consult your co-workers and ask for their support. Pick someone very close to you and ask them to be around when incidents like this take place. If you happen to notice other people who are facing the same problem, team-up with them to strengthen your case.

Report the Misconduct:

Once you feel that you have enough support, report the misconduct to their superiors. Once all the limits have been crossed, it is better to report the incident to the managers else people can judge you for being meek and would continue to treat you in the same manner. By doing so, you can send a strong message and avoid occurrence of any such events in the future.

Workplace harassment is a grave issue and shouldn’t be ignored. It can cause serious problems if not dealt with. So it is advisable that you take appropriate measures and ask for help if need be. In case the place where you work doesn’t have a proper framework in dealing with such issues, you also have every right to seek help from the justice department or various government bodies for workplace harassment.





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