You own an online shop. You believe customers will buy products or services from you. You have invested more than enough money for the platform, but is it really working as per your expectation. You are finding tough to persuade customers to reach the ‘Buy’ button. Below are some proven tips how to stop customers leaving your website without buying:

Call of Action

Visitors to your site may be leaving without making purchase and this may be due to confusing color and flashy features on it. Try to clear all such distractions and make prominent the purchase call to action (CTA), which should look different from other content on the website.

It is to note that customers always have less patience and less time too. While placing order or making purchase they look for as less clicks as much possible to finish up the process.

Reasons to buy

Decluttering your website is only the beginning. There are much more to do to make your customers click the buy button. Visitors always look for a good guide to the check-out cart and will never trust your site blindly. There should be valid reasons why they must trust you and why to make purchase from your site. Try to reveal what your other customers are saying about your products, their feedback, testimonials and of course their recommendations. Highlight some of the best selling items too.

Overall website scan


If your website is not great and offers poor experience to visitors, even the best CTAs won’t help in persuading customers to buy. One of the main reasons could be poor content on it and hence it is suggested to prioritize perfecting such elements before optimizing.


Right colors, right images


It is very true images do catch more attention so experts suggest not to insert just any image. Try to be choosy and use the images with perfection. There’s a psychological aspect to it and images do evoke different emotions. Experts suggest to use such images that can bring out emotion and can be compelling to make a buy decision.


Similarly colors also evoke emotional responses like blue means trust and red means urgency. Try to use right color on your site to emphasize right emotion.


Right wording


Remember customers look up-front about what exactly they are buying from a website. It is suggested not to use vague phrases like “View our services plans and prices” or “Free website design.”


Try to use such words which are well understood by the customers and also what they want to hear.


Custom landing page


Search Engine Titans suggests every online shops should have a dedicated landing page too and this prevents too much clutter. Begin with content first while making a landing page and then to the design work as suggested above including color and images part. All these will support the CTA.


It is also suggested to keep the dedicated landing page content short as customers usually are short on time as well as patience. They will never love reading a novel before buying. Concise content tend to provide all the necessary information to customer needs.

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