Denis Vincent Launches His Adventure Venture Rockies Heli

Denis Vincent

Canadian entrepreneur Denis Vincent, who is known for his incredible passion for travelling and exploring, recently launched his new venture – Rockies Heli. Exclusively planned for travel enthusiasts and those who seek to explore the unknown, the venture will allow travellers to  have a bird’s view of the  Icefields Parkway and much more.


Knowing Rockies Heli with Denis Vincent

In his recent interview, Denis Vincent explained the mission and vision for the project. “Over the years, I have flown coast to coast in Canada, and I have realized an important thing – people don’t know much about Canada as they should. They don’t know the vastness of the ice-fields or the gigantic mountains that offer a unique shape and topography to our country. With Rockies Heli, I intend to make these places more accessible to the masses. If you had always wanted to explore the Saskatchewan region, we have plans to cover you. Feel free to get in touch with our team, and they will take the best care and offer incredible assistance for your interests,” he had said.


Exploring Saskatchewan

Rockies Heli has launched its adventure base in the Saskatchewan region, and it is just 25 minutes away from Icefields Parkway. The base is just three hours away from the main city of Calgary, and another 70 minutes from the much known Columbia Icefields. If you are close to Lake Louise, the base is around 90 minutes away, while it is just 2.5 away from Jasper. The tours are extremely customizable, which is something that many enthusiasts want to enjoy. No matter what kind of interests and adventure ideas you have in mind, Rockies Heli has a plan for you.


Booking a trip

Rockies Heli is accepting bookings online and offline, and you can expect to get a reservation even a day ahead of travelling. Advance bookings are possible up to a year, and the company does accept walk-in requests. Their Icefield Adventure Base is open between May and October, while their Kananaskis Base is available all through the year. You can drop in and ask about the next flight available for your journey. Private tours are possible, and you can get a preferred tour as required. You just need to pay for one extra seat, which is for your pilot. So, if you are travelling in a group of three, you need to pay for four seats.


Cancellation and other details

If you cancel your plans 48 hours prior to your flight, there are no cancellation charges. Rockies Heli has the best policies in this regard. In case you cancel your journey within 48 hours, the company will charge a 20% cancellation fee, which is quite minimal. However, in case of a no-show, the full amount will be charged. While the Kananaskis Base is open all through the year, the company may cancel flights owing to weather conditions, and in such cases, no extra fee will be charged.


To know more about the packages, you can check the website of Rockies Heli.


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