Discover the life and work of Canadian entrepreneur Denis Vincent

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Canadian entrepreneur Denis Vincent is a recognized name in several industries. Mr. Vincent, who is associated with various sectors, known for his business aptitude and his work as a philanthropist. In this article, we will try to discover its history and what makes it so different.

Beginning modest

Mr. Vincent began his career as a director in 1983. He worked in this position for a year at P.R.C.S. Construction Insulation. During this period he realized his passion for business and wanted to do something that did not require a major investment. He wanted to have the knowledge required, and in 1984 joined the firm Mota Bateau. He wanted to acquire basic knowledge of sales, and to work in the after-sales services of boats and motorcycles for this firm. After five years at Moto Bateau, he decided to embark on his own journey.

Work in sales

After gaining experience in sales, he began working as a private executive in the field of auto sales and global export for the next ten years. During this time, he worked on projects in Asia and Russia, which remains one of many achievements. Later, in the year 2000, it is extended in the field of real estate, and its name is associated among the largest mergers and acquisitions in the Canadian market. This real estate business, which consists mainly of the regions of British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta, which has been expanding ever since, and continues to have a variety of interests in this sector. After leaving the automotive world, he wanted to help new entrepreneurs in the same field, and for his reasons, he often offers his expertise and experience through these blogs.

Aviation and more

Denis Vincent is more often recognized as President and founder of Heli Vincent Inc. The company, which specializes primarily in sales and rentals of aircraft and helicopters in British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta, is project preferred since 1997. Before the opening of the company, he trained to become pilot, and according to the latest available data he has more than 14,000 TT to his credit. In many of his interviews, he talks about his passion for the aviation industry. He has been driving from one end of the country to the other, and driving is his only true passion to date.

When Denis is not busy working, he is often busy with his charities. Preferring to keep the discretion with his associations, his work is rather very recognized, especially among those who know him. Besides all these works, he is also associated with Strong Arm Labor & Contracting since 2011 as Chief Financial Officer. Denis likes to talk about his work at public events, and often expresses his desire to do more for the new generation, so that they can bring their ideas into business further. No wonder that M Vincent and his career remains a point of discussion for many.

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