The Benefits of Using Tinycc Branded URL Shortener


You’ve found a blog or link to share directly with all your fans on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Because social media updates often need to be short and concise, like usage of URL shorteners has exploded in recent years.

One of the most popular URL shortener is tinycc, but how does it work and what are the advantages for marketers and short URLs users in general?

Tinycc lets you simplify and shorten a URL in your post. Instead of the full URL of the landing page, you use a shortened version. This saves characters and gives the option of a custom extension. Descriptive extensions can lead to much higher click through rates. Also, you can easily track the statistics of your link and see what does and does not work.

The URL shortener is made up of a domain name and a database. The domain name can be found in the first part of the URL-shortener: The database is then located behind the slash. calls a translation tag that stores a shortened version for each long URL behind the scenes. The shortened URL redirects to the original URL when the link is clicked. Statistics are collected and compiled each time a visitor clicks.

The Advantage of Tinycc

How many clicks do your links get and where do the leads come from? These are questions that arise when managing a website, blog, or social media channels. Tinycc makes it easy to monitor traffic and leads on the website.

Links happen to be a perfect way to capture data, leading to audience insights such as how your best users interact with your brand. You can also understand your audience across different devices and media.

The Added Value of a Branded Shortener

The full web address usually  gives clues about the destination page, but the short link, by its nature, presents an unknown destination and may lead some users to distrust it and not click. This can be prevented by placing a URL shortener in its own domain, also called a branded shortener.

More and more organizations have chosen to switch to a private URL shortener, with domains that bolster their brands such as (Bloomberg) (ESPN) (NASA) (NPR) (Starbucks Coffee).

It is important when creating your own domain name is the domain name as short as possible: the shorter, the more powerful. In addition, it should be easy to establish a relationship with your brand.

Tinycc is using shorteners as one of the prime use for social media and by measurement of effectiveness. Tinycc places heavy emphasis on social media use, but also wants to know what effect this has. Own shortener is a need to hold briefly the left, but it is also an excellent marketing tool – it has a professional appearance.

The other benefits of a branded shortener includes:

  • Visibility: show-off your brand with a short, relevant domain name. It makes your messages visible and recognizable for fans, and your brand gets a professional look.
  • Reliability: give your audience confidence by replacing a generic short link like ‘’ with a domain name that fits your brand.
  • Measuring Traffic: by using a branded shortener you will have full access to click stats and other analytics.
  • Better understanding of clicks: add targeting to a link to measure traffic (does not affect the branded shortener). For example, you can add a targeting on a link and then place in Facebook. On the same link you can now find out if visitors to Facebook in streams or by other means.

Short links are a convenient way to make your posts more readable.  And the use of a custom domain with is the next level to promote your brand and add a professional appearance.

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