6 Tips to Write Nursing Resume


Having a career in nursing wasn’t difficult initially and was pursued by many individuals with little or no experience at all. But the situation that currently prevails is different. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a considerable surge in nursing jobs. On the other hand, studies have also pointed out a dramatic rise in the workforce. A rising competition can make it difficult for individuals willing to pursue a career in nursing. So in order to withstand the soaring competition, it is essential that you adapt practices that can help in displaying a strong sense of professionalism and be instrumental in landing a job. To begin with, you should be focusing on writing a good resume.

Profile summary: We usually come across resumes that don’t have a profile summary. A profile summary is a statement providing a concise overview of your experience, education and the goal you wish to pursue while applying for the position. A profile summary can be effective as it gives a short introduction of your career to the employer along with establishing your credibility for the job. So it is important that you include a summary statement in a resume. Since nursing is a job related to health care sector, you may further add a statement demonstrating your ability to empathize with the patients such as ‘capable of providing personalized attention and care to the patients’.

Professional experience: Since a health care sector involves treating and caring patients, experience plays an important role in selection criteria for the nursing job. Candidates having a credible experience have greater odds of landing a job, provided that they mention it in a right manner. One of the most important factors that experienced candidates must take into account is writing a reverse ‘chronological resume’. While mentioning work experience, it is necessary to include the recent experience in the beginning followed by your employment history. While writing it, make sure you indicate the time period of each job, details of your previous employer, and the responsibilities that you held during your employment.

Use previous work to market yourself: Once you mention your employment details, try to elaborate your work experience further. You can mention all the awards and accolades that you received during your tenure. But make sure, do not extend the self-praise beyond a certain point and try to be reasonable.

Mention voluntary work:

Health-care professionals are often a part of national programs that are organized at the government level or by non-governmental organizations. Health care experts like doctors or physicians are required to provide free health checkups. There are various other programs such as blood donation and awareness drives that are carried out. It can be an added advantage for your profile if you have been a part of such programs. If you have worked individually or assisted someone, mention that on your resume. It not only adds credence to your resume, but also demonstrates your willingness and desire to work selflessly.

Add an Expertise Section:

Adding details regarding your area of expertise can be an advantage. Having proficiency in specific areas can be beneficial for you to search particular jobs, along with that including keywords relative to your area of expertise can make your resume easily accessible in the search engine, for example, adding pediatrics or orthopedic as your working domain.


When it comes to nursing, there is no hard-and-fast requirement of a professional degree and a high-school education might suffice. However, to land a job, there are some certifications and courses that are mandatory. In addition to that, there are licensing norms that need to be adhered by the practitioners along with a regular renewal of their license. The norms are region specific and may vary. So it is advisable to include this vital information in your resume. And candidates who have a degree can include graduation details in their resume.

Writing a good resume with wholesome guidance on BSR can give you leverage over other competitors . However, most of the people overlook its significance. While there are people who do write resumes, but do it in a shoddy manner and ultimately end-up being rejected. So it is advisable to write a resume that justifies your potential.

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