5 Tips to Write Internship Resume


Internship is the first step for students to step into professional world. Applying for an internship may involve certain prerequisites in terms of your education and prior work in a particular domain. But the most basic requirement before applying is a well-crafted resume. For students, writing the resume for the first time can be bewildering as there is lot being said and written about the subject, their importance, and specific rules that a person must adhere to while writing. So rather than providing assistance, it has significantly added to confusion in the minds of the students. However, there are platforms that have best resume samples, and tips to write for different job profiles. Referring BSR for such platforms can provide you with the right approach and guidance in writing a resume.

Do the basics right:

The key to write an appealing and presentable resume is doing the basics right. Most students might think that it is a futile exercise, as they lack any solid substance that can be included in their resume. But that is simply not true, and students shouldn’t get cowed down by it. One thing that they must keep in mind is that there are different ways of writing a resume based on the education and career. So, the misconstrued notion that writing a resume is only for professionals with a strong set of skills and experience, must not be an impediment in writing a resume.

To begin with, students must always focus on the basics. Start your resume with by providing general information viz. Full name, address, contact details, and e-mail (You can write the name in a slightly larger font or use bold in order to make it easily recognizable). These details are important as they are the only medium through which the recruiters or hiring managers reach out to the applicants. Another thing that you must be aware of is, not to include any personal details such as family background and D.O.B. in the opening section of the resume. You can add the same in the concluding part of your resume.


This section contains basic information about your college and university and the details of the course that you pursued in your graduation. Mention the details in a proper format and make sure you include dates of joining and graduating from the university. You can further include fellowship programs that you were a part of.

Once you are done with the basics, focus on a targeted approach in writing a resume. A targeted resume is the one in which you incorporate all the information that the recruiter expects, or the one which highlights your profile making it cogent for the role that you are applying for.

  • Academic projects: Mentioning academic projects is the beginning of that approach. Given that the students looking for internships do not carry any relevant work experience, stating project work happens to be a viable option. An apt description of the purpose of your project, its outcome, and your role in it can be the silver bullet, as it’s something which the recruiter can relate to and gauge your potential. Make sure you mention the project details in proper order. You can use bullets for mentioning the name of the organization in which you performed the project, its purpose, and your responsibilities in executing it.
  • Skills: Adding skills in your resume can be a boon. Interns are usually required to work in various departments at the same time in order to get an overview of the company’s operations. So recruiters generally prefer candidates possessing diverse skill set.
  • Extracurricular: Importance of this section shouldn’t be undermined. Performing such activities at school and college level involves teamwork and social quotient. So mentioning these activities can make a difference as recruiters look for candidates with strong social skills and their ability to work in a team.

Writing an intern resume can be confusing. In most of the cases, recruiters don’t mention the exact requirements that they expect, unlike while offering a full-time job. So in that case, it is advisable for students to consider the aforementioned points and carry-out an extensive research in order to build a quality resume.

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