10 Things To Avoid While Putting On A Resume

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Resume is the very first thing on which you would be judged, so drafting it carefully is important. Usually, candidates tend to make some mistakes while drafting a resume. What things you shouldn’t include while drafting your resume? Resumes are 1 or 2 pages, so they should be precise and relevant to the job you are applying. There are few things which you should avoid while putting on your resume. You can also have look at different resume examples online, which will give you an outline of how a perfect resume ought to be. This excerpt will make you aware about the top 10 things which you should avoid while drafting your resume.

1. Justification for any negative incident
If you have an education gap in your education, don’t mention the reasons for why the gap was there. Maybe in your previous organization, you were not paid salary on time, or you did not like the work environment. These things you need not mention in your resume. A resume is not the place to give justifications. You can clarify them during the interview process explaining what obstacles you come across till now and how you managed to overcome them.

2.  Date when you drafted the Resume
One of the biggest mistakes done by candidates is, mentioning a date on resumes. The potential employer is not interested in knowing the date when you created your resume, the only dates he is concerned about are the dates of your education and previous employment.

3. Pointless previous work experience
You may have worked part-time at a coffee shop during your college, and you may be making the best coffee, but it will not impress the hiring manager. Such experience has got nothing to do with the current position you are applying for.

4. Previous Salary details
Previous salary details can be discussed during the interview process if asked, including expected salary. Therefore, avoid stating anything about how much you were earning, and how much you expect to from the current job.

5. Any kind of private or personal information
Personal opinions about politics or religion have strictly got no place in your resume. Neither private information of life such as marital status, age, gender, race, etc. should be mentioned in the resume. This information can be later asked during the joining formalities if it is needed by the company. Confidential details such as driving license number, bank account details should be avoided from the resume.

6. Photographs
Companies in the United States don’t require photographs of the candidates on their resumes. Under Equal Employment Opportunity legislation, it is said not to include your photographs on the resume for fair decision-making for the employer. Resume of the candidates who are applying for modeling or acting profiles would be an exception.

7. References
If the employer wishes to have a background check and talk with you references, then they will do it voluntarily. You don’t need to mention the details of your references in the resume. Mentioning “references available upon request” is also equal to wasting a single line in the resume.

8. Unrealistic objective or career goal
If you wish to mention a career goal or objective in your resume, then make sure it is realistic and related to your career field. Make sure that you don’t mention an objective which is totally irrelevant and unrealistic. It shouldn’t flaunt your attitude or make you look overconfident.

9. No fake details
Candidates who don’t have relevant experience feel the need of making false claims in their resume. If your work experience gets verified, then surely you are going to run across a problem because of fake details. Providing fake details would get into the black list and further you won’t be eligible to apply for any positions.

10. Improper contact details 
When you mention your contact details in the resume, you should just specify one mobile number and one email address. You don’t need to write down multiple contact details or put your social media account for links in it. The email id that you specify should be professional and appropriate. An ideal email address would be a combination of your first name and last name or with your date of birth. Avoid using inappropriate email addresses like crazybeerboozer@dummy.com.

Drafting a resume isn’t generally a troublesome employment, you can figure what subtle elements you have to say and what you have to skip.

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