Why SWADLP Certification Is Best Suited For Software Security Professional?

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A Software Security Professional in an organization is someone who is responsible for defending the infrastructure, networks, and systems for the business. The main role of the software security professional includes:

1.Defend computer systems by developing barriers discouraging external unwanted access to them.

2.Recognize issues within the systems by determining uncharacteristic activity.

3.Evaluate current situations of the security and implement audits.

4.Implement enhancements where required and maintain the users well-versed by finishing performance reports to communicate the system security status.

Possessing a notable experience in the security field is really important for the software security professionals. However, they need to have some certifications, which can be considered as essential in this field because of how rapid the recent industries are growing. Among the several certifications, SWADLP from Hack2Secure is worth to consider. Do you want to know, why SWADLP certification is best suited for software security professional? Then, continue reading this article.
According to Hack2Secure, the common things that a software security professional requires to know when it comes to secure software development include:
1.Secure Software Concepts.
2.Secure Software Requirements.
3.Introduction to Secure Coding.
5.Buffer Overflows.
6.Secure Software Design.
7.Designing Secure Architecture.
8.Secure Software Implementation.
9.Application Faults & Logging.
10.Data Validation.
12.Software Acceptance.
13.Secure Software Testing.
15.Common Web Application Attacks.
16.Language & Platform specific knowledge.
17.Writing Exploits.
18.Software Deployment, Maintenance, Operations, and Disposal.
19.Secure Network Programming.
20.Programming Port Scanners & Hacking Tools.
21.Secure Mobile phone & PDA Programming.
22.Secure Game Designing.
23.Securing E-Commerce Applications.
24.Software Activation, Automatic Updates & Piracy Blocking.
25.Writing Secure Documentation & Error Messages.

By considering these qualities, Hack2Secure Launched the certification, SWADLP (Secure Web Application Development Lifecycle Practitioner) to enhance as well as assess the implementation level knowledge of the people who involved in the security domain. Especially, software security professionals can get the opportunity to enhance their qualities which are considered to be mandatory for the security field.

SWADLP Certification is aligned with the security best practices as well as industry standards that assure the skillset and knowledge of the candidates on developing the secure software. In addition to analysing the acceptable proficiency of the candidate in the security domain, this certification aims to apply the required procedures to determine as well as resolve security associated issues.
SWADLP is organized into seven phases with the objective to cover the following concepts:
Phase 1: Security Awareness.
Phase 2: Building Security Requirements.
Phase 3: Ensuring Secure Design.
Phase 4: Secure Implementation.
Phase 5: Web Application Security Testing.
Phase 6: Security Review & Response.
Phase 7: Security Maintenance Cycle.

There is no doubt that this certification would make the professional competency enough to satisfy the security requirement across the product development. SWADLP distinguish the certified professionals with the global recognition since it is familiar as the international standard for security brilliance. This certification allows the professional to prove their expertise as well as highlight their skill mastery. On the other hand, employers prefer to recruit the SWADLP certified candidates since they believe that those employees are better prepared and skilled to protect their critical information and infrastructure.
If you want to know more about SWADLP or apply for this certification, just visit the official website of the Hack2Secure.

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Why SWADLP Certification Is Best Suited For Software Security Professional?

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