Eye popping facts about SEO optimization


To succeed the online competition, business need to understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO). When we are discussing about optimization, it is obvious that keywords are an important part to consider. However, if you think a single keyword will rank your website at the top in search engines, they you are wrong my friend.

To withstand the tough race and get higher rankings in search results, you need to create a collection of relevant keywords and make sure you’re your page’s content is optimized effectively. Relevant keywords pertaining to your domain can help you attract your target audience. Our seo company California, USA provides guaranteed SEO services. Get in touch for any query you have.

Here are some eye-popping SEO facts that you must engulf in order to survive the search rankings.

1) Off-page and On-page SEO ratio: You must know that 75% of the SEO is done off page. And, only 25% of the SEO is done on-page. Well, what does it mean? When strategies are employed to improve your own page’s content to attract visitors, it’s called on-page SEO. On the reverse, when you work on stuffs like back-linking (on someone else’s website) to increase your page’s visibility, it is called off-page.

2) Web search engines are best to get new visitors: Search engines are the best sources to drive in traffic to your website. These are best to get new and potential buyers to your site as they search you with relevant keywords. So, if you don’t optimize your site, you are probably losing sales.

3) Content and titles on your webpage: There is no doubt that your content is significant in getting you good ranks in search results. However, even the page title are important factors to impact the on-page SEO. Most often, websites pay little or no heed to framing good page tittles. It is essential to craft effective page titles to drive traffic. In addition to writing influential page titles, it is also necessary to include the relevant keywords in the boxes labelled as H1 text, alt tags and paragraph text.

4) Convincing meta descriptions improve the click rates: Meta description is actually the brief preview that is visible below a hyperlink on search results page. Looking at this preview a user decides whether to visit the page or not. So, if the meta description is persuasive enough, there are better chances of getting clicked by the user. Why not create the meta descriptions unique and convincing?

5) Top five links get maximum clicks: Study reveals that the top five website links have the maximum probability of getting clicked. In fact 75% of the click are seen by the top five websites on the search results page. So, if you want to be one of these, make sure that your SEO is effective and ensures your highest ranking.

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