Comparing cleaning services in your area – quick suggestions for homeowners


Your home needs regular cleaning and maintenance. And as a homeowner, it can be overwhelming to complete the chores on time. Thanks to cleaning services, you don’t need to worry about the smaller details.

These companies have the experience and expertise to handle all kinds of cleaning needs. Have an assured great service with their team of trained maids and cleaners. If you check online for options in your city, you will find many services around, but how would you compare them? We have enlisted some pointers for your help.

  1. Don’t rush – take your time. In the ideal scenario, you will not replace your cleaning service every month. It is more like a long-term relationship, and thus, it’s wise to take time for the comparison process.
  1. Seek references. Most homeowners like to hire residential cleaning services. So if you talk to a few neighbors and friends, you might get a few good references. Call a few of them and ask for quotes right away.
  1. Understanding estimates is important. Some companies like the idea of charging a fixed price for every room with a list of inclusions. In this list, others may have a custom process of determining estimates. Both are fine, as long as you get the final price, which should be inclusive of everything.
  1. Go green, if possible. We are trying hard to make the world a better place, and every small effort will count in the long run. Talk to companies that specialize in green services. Green cleaning supplies are amazing for the environment and are also safe for kids, pets, and adults alike.
  1. Response time counts. Well, as a customer, you wouldn’t want to work with a team that isn’t serious about queries. How long did it take for them to receive your call? Did you get all the answers? Did they reply to emails on time? Will they send supervisors to check the work done?
  1. What about basic service guarantee? Most cleaning companies claim great things about their work. But, they often fail to deliver on those terms. Having a service agreement with a guarantee can help in settling disputes. You may get a money-back option or a choice for getting the work done from the scratch.
  1. Insurance is extremely important. Workplace mishaps are not uncommon. In case of any accident or damage, you wouldn’t want to deal with the losses or medical bills of the maids and cleaners. Make sure that the concerned company has insurance.
  1. Will they give client references? That’s another aspect that needs immediate attention. If a company doesn’t offer a few names on request, you have reasons to be suspicious. Also, the references should pertain to your area.

Finally, you might also want to check their pricing policies and things included in the fixed charges applicable for each room. The company must have a website with all the relevant details. Not to mention they should be available for queries, as and when you need it.


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