5 Things One Should Consider While Writing Resume


A resume is a professional document that reflects your personality and creates a long-lasting impression on the recruiter. It must have your educational background and work experience to let the recruiters know about your academic and professional background. Whether you are writing it for the first time or updating it, these are the 5 things you must consider while writing your resume.

  1. Contact Information :

The very first and essential thing to put on it is your contact information. Many candidates tend to forget to provide these vital details, or they mention it at the end. It includes email address, phone number, and Linkedin profile. There is no need to mention your residential address and contact number. The basic contact information must be mentioned right on the top of the page. Don’t confuse the reader how to contact you by including too many phone numbers.

  1. Achievements :

Your prospective employer wants to know what contribution you have done towards your team, and for the company’s growth during previous employment. What role you have played during the team activities and events. Your achievements during your college days as a solo performer or even in a group. Make sure the accomplishments and achievements you mention are realistic and not imaginary, which would be difficult to believe. Keep in mind that you include the most impressive, important, and relevant achievements.

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  1. Relevant Certifications :

If you are an MBA degree, you can include it after your name at the top of document If you have pursued your bachelor’s degree or any other certifications, which don’t relate to the job you are applying for, then no need to mention them on the top. The remaining academic information and certifications details that are not relevant, mention it under ‘Education’ heading, which would relatively come at the end of it.

  1. Include Job Posting Keywords :

You need to include a few keywords and phrases from the job posting on the job searching document. This is important if the employer is using a resume-scanning system in which the job keywords may get scanned. Job keywords can be extracted for the job description of that profile, but don’t let it look too much of copy paste. Job keywords are the skills which the employer is searching for in candidates.

  1. Avoid Exaggerating And Copying :

The last thing that you should keep in mind is not to exaggerate skills, abilities, and experience, and fake regarding educational background. Neither should you copy your friends and edit it by inserting your details. Remember, employers have their own ways to verify and confirm the details. Plus, they will do a background check. Just know that it is a personal document that creates your own identity, and hence has to be include everything related to you and only you. Considering the above-mentioned things will help you create a perfect document i.e resumes for your job search. Following them will surely give your resume a personal touch and help recruiters to understand you .

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